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Corrospondance driving me nuts!

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Hi guys,

I just need somewhere to vent I guess. I am having SO much trouble with my courses right now. It seems like my profs just threw together some questions without even seeing if it was relavant to the material we were given. I am super sensitive emotionally from my pregnancy which just makes me cry when I get stuck. I feel like I keep hitting a brick wall. I ask my prof's for help and they just give me redundant replies. I am so frusterated! I have like two weeks to finish these courses and they are becoming more impossible by the minute! I can't afford a private tutor at this time... Don't know what to do.

](*,) ](*,) ](*,)

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What about online study groups? Help from a site like sparknotes? Library? Its hard to know what would help with out knowing what you are studying.


Are you asking the prof a direct question? Maybe you need to be a bit more specific and explain what your asking a bit more.


Most prof I have had are accomidating. They really want you to do well (not only because success of their students reflects well on them, but they really seem to care for the most part), perhaps if you explain the situation (pregnancy) and that you need a little extra help, they could recommend something.

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On the messageboard link removed they have an OT Tutoring place, although you shouldn't go into the other sections, the Tutor people there are willing to help as long as you do the work. Its not much but, its more then nothing. Don't start blaming the teachers, even if its not relevant, that should be irrelevant to you. School is just a formality, its a lot of non-sense basically you need to focus on the diploma and go for that. If teachers don't help do it yourself or hit the tutor section in off-topic, or maby if you post some of your questions in here, some people in here may aid you, since its such a hard time for you making all these questions while your having a baby. Maby there's a few geniuses browsing here in e-notalone (H)

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What courses are they?


And what do you feel to be the biggest source of your struggles? Is it the material itself, the assignments, the number of courses? Are you unable to grasp concepts, running out of time, or too busy with something outside of school? Try to prioritize your difficulty and address the list as best you can from there.

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I think time is a big factor in my frusterations because now I am down to the crunch (my courses have to be finished by the end of december). But the assignments are boggling me too. The courses I am having most trouble with right now are 1st year statistics and a 2nd year cell and molecular biology. Biology is the worst. I feel that because I have a poor chemistry background I am suffering, but there were no chem pre-req's for the course.


I guess I am just disappointed in the way the courses are put together. I don't see alot of care put into them. It's probably because the profs usually only have 1 or 2 students taking it at any given time. It seems like (especially bio) he just read the title of the chapter and made a bunch of questions off the top of his head, without checking to make sure we are provided with the appropriate materials. You know? You can only read in between the lines so much...

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