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Alright I know if I ask the question people are probably just going to say ask your doctor go to your doctor or w/e. So I won't ask the question but I would like to know if anyone knows a link to one of those ask a doctor websites. I don't currently have insurance but I want a little advice as to what it could be because if I know what it is I can judge if it is important enough to go to my doctor without insurance. Thanx

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I was going to suggest WEBMD as well.


If it happens to be any kind of issue below the belt, try calling a local Planned Parenthood or clinic in your area, and they can ask you your symtpoms and guide you from there. They help both males and females with reproductive health issues. If you did have to be seen, it would be at little cost to you if you're under financial hardship.


There may also be some kind of "nurseline" available at hospitals in you area where you can call and speak to a registered nurse.


I think you're better off doing a search in your local community rather than searching a very big internet for answers. Only trust online sources so much.



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Well thanks you guys, I went on WebMD and got part of my question answered but it looks like I might have to call the doctor for the other part.


For the person who said your nosy, I'm a new mom and after I had the baby I went on birth control shots (Depot whatever stuff) I've had a light period for the last 4 or 5 days and I was wondering if it was normal because the same thing just happened to me like less then 2 weeks ago. Apparently it's normal, but just MOST people end up with no period (that was really my perk of getting the shots, that and the fact that I won't have to remember to take a pill) Anyways, if you really want to know the rest of my problem it's that after waking up and changing my daughter I noticed that I felt really wet down there and when I went to change my feminine product I saw a "big" (inch to and inch and a half chunk of something) it wasn't bloody and it looked like skin (you know like when your cutting raw chicken EWW) So I freaked out because it's nasty and I didn't wanna ask the question cuz I don't know if it's normal or not. But it was not something I really wanted to open up about, but since you asked! Plus last night I had a sharp stomach pain and I was wondering it that had anything to do with it because I also have a cyst. So really I think I should just call the doctor later and deal with the money it's going to cost me later.

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I had the depo shot for 9 months, total of three shots.


During that time I seemed to never stop bleeding, it was the nasty spotting brown icky blood and it would come and go to the point where I even asked the doctor HOW could I even get pregnant if I can never have sex?


Yuck... In addition to that, I had rapid mood swings, and gained weight instead of losing it even though I nursed my son for 6 months, 8 in all!....


I think the bleeding is a side effect of the depo, so I can relate to that. The pain could be from the cyst if you have one. Sure, talk to the doc about it, maybe if you dont like the side effects your getting you could try another form of birth control?

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