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Double Ewe Tee Eff?

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This is more a rant than a question, but...


After yet another awkward encounter of the "I know you're seeing someone, but don't you feel that we have some sort of connection...?" question, I am friggin ticked off.


I mean, where were all of these girls when I was single and semi-suicidal?


I have little doubt in my mind that I'm with a great gig, but where was this temptation when I wanted/needed it?


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As sad and confused as I've been, I've been getting lots of male attention, come-ons etc..... its does help the ego a little especially when my ex left me lying on the side of the road like roadkill?


Also any way alot of the interested guys know that my relationship with Jack has ended... I guess that has lots to do with it.


Very strange days indeed

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I think when we're alone for a while, we shut down our presonality a bit and are less accessible. When we're connected to someone, we open up and others notice our happiness.


When I met my ex, two women I had known for years started hitting on me in the most direct ways. Weird.

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I found it went the other way -- the guys had some kind of "single" radar, and when I was briefly separated from my husband, holy smokes, I wasn't safe on the street. It was ridiculous. The minute I was back with my husband, it all stopped. Or maybe it's a perception thing....??

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Probably they just want to flirt, it's ok as long as you do not act upon temptation.


Just had lunch with my GF and I talked to her about it. She had two takes on it:


1) Women are competitive. They get a charge out of "one-upping" another woman. It somehow validates their standing in society or something.


2) She said that attractive women are so annoyed with all of the men that hit on them constantly, when someone comes along who obviously isn't trying, its so relieving they want to hold on to that even if it means becoming romantically involved.


She also pointed out that one of our mutual friends has been trying to work his gig with her lately. Evidently on the phone the other day he gave some dramatic speech and said "I think I'm falling for you." We laughed. If you knew the guy, it'd be funny. I guess that's just how it is.

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Lucky you!


Maybe you gave off a come and get it vibe.

I give off a what're ya looking at? vibe.


Lucky all you people - I give off a "ask me for money and/or try to get me to join your weird cult/political party" vibe. Sometimes I get "please sit too close to me on the metro and smell" vibe as well.


Seriously though, sometimes I'm on fire and sometimes I manage to put out other's fires. Seems to be no rhyme or reason so I've stopped thinking about it and just stumble around all the time.

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