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The best way to take a womens virginity . . .

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I was wondering, just out of pure curiosity, what is the best way to take a womens virginity? Sorry to be graphic, I know the women bleeds during her first time and that it is painful for up to a week in some cases and that . . .


. . . what I want to know is how the man can reduce the pain and increase the experience so to speak both during the first sex and afterwards , I mean, a nice atmosphere, foreplay, communicating with one another, best positions to use, u know that sort of thing etc. .


Firstly, what are the ways to make her happy during her first time?


Secondly, if you (i.e. the ladies or even men) had a second chance at ur viginity what would u want different? or what wud u have done different for the boys who have taken someones virginity? Hope that makes sense lol.


Looking forward to some comments. Thanks and enjoy

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No, it's not always follow by bleeding, my mother didn't bleed at all when she lost it.Oh boy so nervous on how it would be when I become first timer in the future. Wait a minute isn't that suppost to be icky, ewwww?? Oh well, I guess if oral wasn't so bad, then that wouldn't be so bad at all if done property, but still ewww.


I guess the one suggestion on how it would not be pain, by doing it slow and not hard.


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Take your time... Take it slow. Be gentle. Lots of forplay..




Also, not ALL women bleed nor experience pain. A lot do, but I feel this is mainly because of things being rushed and her not being fully ready. Open the lines of communication and make sure you KNOW that she's comfortable. If not, slow down, back off, try again!

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Make sure she is in a clear mind. No alchol or drugs. Make sure it’s really what she wants, not that she feels she has to in order to be deserving of your affection.


If there is a mess, don’t just leave her, get warm damp and dry towels to help clean her and you up and do it tenderly. If she crys let her know it’s alright.


I regret everything about that moment. I drank to much, I didn’t really want to do that, and then he just left me there. My best friend found me nearly 30 minutes later, crying and covered in blood. I was terrified. It was a nightmare.


I had always been very flirty and outgoing, I spent several years after that locked in a shell. Some girls are not effected by that moment, some girls are defined by it. Granted now II am flirty and love to be in the company of my husband and even adore the attention of other men( completely innocently).


Any way… just make sure she is happy and you treat her well. And make sure it is her choice!

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Just take your time and make sure that she will communicate with you. You need to know what's painful to her and what isn't.


It's not painful for every girl.. I wasn't painful for me my first time. But we are all different. For some it can be painful the first couple of times trying.


I wouldn't have wanted my first time to be any different. I trusted the guy and I knew he really cared about me. That was most important to me. So I don't have any regrets.

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I suggest lots of foreplay (reduces the stress of the "big moment") and lots of kissing.


I also agree, don't just leave her after. I don't have any regrets...my and my bf had an awesome day, then went for it. It didn't last long (because of me, not him lol) but then after we just layed next to each other and talked until I wanted to try it again.


Be prepared...lube, maybe a towel, etc. It will reduce the "what if" stress.


Good luck.

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First don't think 'this is the night/day'. Try to find yourselves in situations where you are free of stress - of other people walking in, getting to the bathroom/cleaned up etc etc. That was why it was better for me, I just said one night, during the ususal foreplay that we had enjoyed up until then that I felt like trying what it was like when he was inside me.


Second, I am a big mastabator, and tampon user and lots of other urban myths so there was no blood. I was also very turned on, as usual. You could bottle what I produce!


Third, don't ask for things - it ruined it when he asked for head! It was enough to have sex let alone up the anti!


Fourth, he didn't come, which was bad for me, as a woman i didn't come. Took some years and other partners and other means for that! But as a guy don't ask 'did you come' She'll sure as hell thank you and tell you! And she might not know exactly what coming SHOULD be like.


Fifth, it will be bad, it really might be. So you need to realise it will get better. The most important is that you and her continue to feel loved, and if and when you feel threatened, you both need to know it is ok to speak up and say, stop, another time, or not like that etc...


Finally, the second partner I had sex with more than a year later, was painful, whereas the first wasn't! Why, no idea. Size, arousal, who knows. But time heals all wounds, physical and emotional, and the sex will get better!

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There are very important factors to make the first time a positive experience for both. The most important would be the mental/emotional aspect (are you both ready/ comfortable/ communicating freely/ feeling safe/ wanting it etc.). Next, a good set-up. Location: (safe/ comfortable/ uninterrupted/ not rushed). Safety: Talk freely and bluntly about using protection before the first touch or kiss! (the myth is that subject will "break the mood" - Not true! Knowing you are both safe and responsible will leave you free of that worry and more powerful).

Now, for some TECHNICAL ADVICE for 1ST TIME:

Use a slow gentle finger to open her up first - not your big hard self! (wash hands/rinse well first. Soap residue/ hand lotions/ unwashed hands can sting).

Make sure she is turned on first. Ask her. Rub her clitoris with your fingers. Don't try to put anything inside her till she is wet. Make sure there is plenty of moisture from her or added lube. Start with pointer finger. When she is comfortable with that - add your middle finger. Continue to stretch her while stimulating her clit. When she is ready (ask her) - enter slowly.

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