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22 days to go till I have my baby.


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22 Days till I have my daughter.


I go to the doctor tomarrow for another checkup, down to weekly checkups now.


As I sit here she is tearing apart my insides, got something stuck somewhere up in a rib where it doesnt belong and OUCH it hurts.


i have to get up 3-4 times a night just to go to the bathroom and feel like I need a crane to get out of bed.


I can no longer tie my shoes and have been reduced to wearing only slip on shoes, but have a pair of sneakers that are tied loose enough I can slip them off and on.


I felt like whining to someone so since its just me and my 22 month old in the house you get to see it! =-)


Oh, this last month is the worst! The things to be gone through to have a baby this part isnt fun at all.


Im also getting freaked out about the impending CSection. Sure, Ive gone down this road before, this will be the third time. But, big difference here... I will have to take care of my other two kids. 9 and soon to be two. I have talked to my 9 year old and he is excited about 'helping'. I told him I really will need help that first week after I come home. We have planned the surgery for his first day of winter break, and he will be home for two weeks and will be a big help im sure.


I just worry that something will go wrong. I worry that I wont be able to handle another baby. Im happy to have her. I love her already. I cant wait to see her. But Im scared out of my mind and December 20th will be here before I know it

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Oh my gosh....so it does get worse. I'm 30 weeks now and OH MY GOD. This is harder than it looks. I knew you got big during pregnancy, but nobody told me how HEAVY you get! I'm constantly readjusting because there's a head or a leg strumming my ribcage pretty much nonstop, I can totally relate! And sleeping? Forget about it. It's so unfair because these are the last couple months that I won't have a baby waking me up all the time, but I can't seem to sleep for more than a couple hours at a time. And I still have ten weeks to go. But keep your head up, Southerngirl, you're almost done!


I was thinking yesterday how close it was getting until your appointment...that is SO exciting. I'm sure everything will go perfectly fine, but I'm sure it's terrifying!


You'll be fine, you'll figure out how to handle everything once you have to. Get your rest!! (As much as you can, anyways...)

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LMAO ROFL! Good for you for sending them pizza!


Southerngirl, you are getting cold feet. Don't worry you are so strong and amazing. You will do AWESOME with this child because you have experience with them already. You learn every day with parenting. You can handle it. I hope no one in your life is doubting you and making you feel like you can't do it because you CAN. And you have us for support when you get frusterated.



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WOW!!! How exciting!!!

My friend has a 3 month old and her 8 year old is such a little helper... I am sure your son will be amazing....


I would actually prefer a csection, even though there is longer recovery time... I wish you all the best! What a wonderful christmas gift for your family!

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Im going to name her after my mother who passed away a little over 2 years ago in August & after my mother in law. So she will be named for her two grandmothers.




Nope bag isnt packed LOL The crib is ready for her though, shes going to share a room with my 22 month old. Have her bassenet ready too, and carseat. Just waiting on her to show her face! =-) I have a doc appointment this afternoon so Ill be updating when I get home as to what he says she weighs and all. He should be doing another ultrasound today.

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21 days and counting down.


Went to a checkup today, and she is doing okay. The doctor asked me did I still want to have my tubes tied. I said yes, if its a girl haha.... Well, he checked and its still a little girl in there.


On the ultrasound she looked like she was sucking her thumb! =-) He estimates her weight to be about 5 lbs 13 oz right now, so I figure in a few weeks she will be easily over 7 lbs.


Getting very excited!!!

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Yeah, I like the name just hope she likes it... I had posted it originally then went back and editited to remove it... I kinda like being anonymous LOL


Yup shes growing so fast! In the last part she should be putting on a half pound a week or so! Thats fast! Right about now, she should be fully formed and just getting stronger and gaining in size...


Its so amazing what all has to take place in there to actually create that fully formed little human that will make their entrance when they are good and ready. So many things to go wrong its truly a blessing to think its all going alright!


I am worried though. Worried about if she will be healthy.. I worry that she wont have all her toes, things like that! UGH its like playing the lotto, because really... you have no idea what your going to get in the end. Will she look like me? Will she be short like me? Will she be tall like my husbands family? blah so many questions and I just have to wait.

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