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i was with a girl called maxine shes 28 i am 22, when i meet her we fell for each other stright away ,it was a bit strange really as she live over the road from me all my life, but our paths never crossed before ,i new her brother ,and her dad but not her she had being hurt before, i had never being in love, i just used to take advantage of my looks, and go on the pull all the time, but i fell in love when we started seeing each other it became aparent to me that she had some baggage, ie an ex that was in prison for attemted murder, he was a a foraner,and i found out wilest i was with her she was helping trying to get him out of prison, at the same time telling me i was the one ect ect, i satisfided her in every way but she would not let go of the past, she got him out of prison, and then disaperd out of my life she got bk with him, 2 weeks later she came looking for me and said she had made the biggest mistake of her life and needed me, like a fool i taken her bk we things started going really well we where happy. then her x turned up at her door a and tried to stab me he split my thumb open, and i beat him up on her road then he put a 20,000 pound contract out on me to have me shot. i had this droped as in the past i was a bit of a ganster. not any more i am soft now ,i carryed on loving maxine even thou i was hurt from all the stuff she had brought on me,we went on holaday together, she became my best frend as well as the love of my life. she told me i should do modling so i did became sucessfull but she got insercure hard to talk to and i just loved her, and did every thing i could to make her happy ,she started wanting to go out so i said ok go out even thou her frends are into cocaine .and i dident like the idea but she said to me i want you to stay in i did as she said and it done my head in, so the next time she went on a night out so did i ,i came back home and she lost it and punched me in the face. and made a mess of my hand these asalts started happening alot, and it scared me as i would not hit her bk as i would hurt her, once she started hiting me and i said do you want to kill me or somthing and instead of hitting her i hit myself and broken my jaw daft i know any way we ended up breaking up she moved a lodger in stright away that has a girlfrend and is her bros mate to help with the rent she started stalking me and i had enough of it gave in and said i would meet her for a chat that night she dident meet me she went out with her mates gutted i do love her miss her. but know she wont speak to me and registerd on a dating site ,me know i have being going out wiv my mates i go into clubs and i can get who ever i want , i get so many offers everyday but i just carnt do anything about them becuse i still feel like i belong to maxine, and it doesent help that one of my best mates died in a car acident the other day, maxine laughed i feel so alone

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Zach, Welcome to ENA. I'm sorry you are having a hard time. I am also very sorry for the loss of your friend. That is always very hard.

I have to be honest I'm a little concerned though, it sounds like your relationship gets very violent at times. Thats not a heathy situation to be in. How long have the two of you been together? You say you are 22, is this your

first serious relationship? Let us know

Take good Care~


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Hi again Zach, a year and a half is a long time. It's very hard sometimes to

see things clearly when you are still involved. If you want to remain a couple I would strongly suggest some counciling, it sounds as if you both deal with anger by phyically lashing out. That of course is not acceptable nor will it ever work. We can't lay our hands on one another and expect to be in loving heathy realtionships~that just isn't how it works.

If you want to split (which I think may be your best bet at this point) they I would suggest a period of no contact for you to take some time to really look at your relationship and yourself and see things in a different

light. You may end up feeling like you both deserve better then what things have been in the past and at that point you can deceide if you want to try that together again, or stay apart. Read here often and post when you feel you need you need to. Know that you deserve to be happy~

Take Good Care


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Oh okay so you are apart? Okay I get that now, I had to re read. Yes,

I remember feeling that way too, still do at times. I will tell that after spending 1 1/2 half years with someone I am sure that you enter her mind from time to time. But, she is no longer a part of your life. You are free now to

make yourself whatever it is you want to be for the next woman you

want to be with. Try not to thionk about what your ex is doing~it doesn't matter.

What positive things have you done for yourself since the break up? What sort of things do you do to keep yourself busy?

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i sell ferraris they make me feel posative ,i went for a long drive today to make myself feel better ,i have being going gym alot more ,i do miss her no matter what i seem to do ,i have got women left right and centre wanting to be with me since i broken up with maxine but i just want her ,but i want her to sort her head out she is not speaking to me at the moment,which hurts i feel that mabey i should just get on with my life,and she may relise once and for all what shes lost

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i i feel that mabey i should just get on with my life,and she may relise once and for all what shes lost




I think that's exactly what you should do. Take a step back; look at your life and what you want to do with it.


From what you're writing, it seems you're a good-looking successful person. In other words you have a lot going for you.


Letting go of someone you love is a hard thing to do and it's something that most people in this forum are familiar with.


So my advice is to focus on your life right now, and look to make it better. Keep busy and use the support this site has to offer. It has helped me and I'm sure many others.


Good luck to you zach.



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