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feeling depressed

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I remember me and my bestest friends in the whole world, the four of us would do everything together. we seemed eternally single and we used to joke that when we were 35 if we were still single we would jointly buy a pub and run it together. We used to say we would all live in a big house with lots of cats and laugh, taking the mickey.


I used to stay over so often their parents would say "is she okay? having trouble at home?" ha ha


Then one got a boyfriend, she didnt come out as much, the three of us missed her, then another got a boyfriend and it became only two of us on the majority of the nights out. Then the two with boyfriends moved in with their fellas, far away and whenever they had time for us it was for "A night in with abottle of wine..." gone were the days of pub crawls, clubs, partying. Then number 3 got a boyfriend and I was alone.


I began a college course in the evenings, I moved out on my own into my own place. I felt extremely lonely, felt like I had been left behind, that my friends were moving on with their lives but i was being left behind. Other friends I had were having kids or moving away, or we just drifted apart as you do when you get older


I had a hard time dealing with the end of an era, the end of the way the friendships had been. I then met my current boyfriend. I still get scared that if anything happened in my relationship i might have to go back to being lonely again. me and my friends now find its become like a military operation to get the four of us in the same room for just one night every other month! its a nightmare.


We are trying to organise a christmas night out, (years ago we ere inseperable for the whole thing) but now we cant seem to agree on a date when we are all free. its painful, but its life, its the way it happens.


Dont feel left behind, know that you too are moving on with yournlife, thats your responsibilty, dont wait to be rescued or sit wasting time being envious or bitter. get out there and make your life move on too...


friendships change, but they dont have to end.

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