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men who do you find most attractive


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It's hard to pinpoint a clear answer, to be honest. If we're talking physical attractiveness, hair colour doesn't really say much. It comes down to the "overall look" of the person at the time in question. A hot blonde can look boring if she's wearing the wrong clothes, and has her hair in an unfavourable way. There are too many variables.


Talking straight hair colour, I have no preference. I've loved girls of varying hair colours, and have had crushes on girls with a very diverse range of hair colours.

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didnt read all responses.. but I like all types of hair BUT red.. I'm VERY prejudice against dating redheads!!! in my experience they always turn out kinda weird... so i usually just steer clear!!! lol, no offense to red heads!! ( a couple friends of mine will ONLY date reds... i dunno? they're crazy i think )

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I have red hair and have never had a problem!


My sister had bright "orange-red" hair and she DEFINITELY has no problem attracting men.


And no, I am not "weird" Maverick! And if you think people without red hair don't turn out to be "weird" sometimes.....!!!


There are men whom prefer blondes, brunettes, redheads (yes, there are many whom do), pink, whatever. There are VERY few men I have ever met whom would NOT date someone as their hair colour was not their "preference". Sometimes its not the hair colour, but the features/complexions that often come with certain natural hair colours they are more attracted to.


My boyfriend "preferred" blondes, but he adores my red hair, and me (which is even more important!). He would never date another red head again...but only because he does not want to date ANYONE else again..lol.


Really, it is about what works for you, and seriously, if someone wanted you, or did not want you, based on your hair colour alone...not the guy for you.

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For my part, I don't have a strong preference in color, although I think my dream girl probably has dark brown or black hair. I'm especially not turned on by the platinum blonde look so many celebrities go for. It just looks too unnatural.


But for whatever it's worth, the cut is important. Maybe you should also ask about guys' preferences in hairstyles.


I have a thing for short-haired women. One haircut in particular; a kind of bobbed pageboy cut with bangs straight accross the front, and cut off square just above the shoulders. Don't know where I got that from, but women with that haircut have always been a big turn-on to me, to the point where it's almost a fetish. But the Bettie Page look and the Vampirella look, parted in the middle with the bangs make long (dark) hair look pretty good too.

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