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dont hurt me


i love you baby

but i love me too

i want to be with you

but i am a little confuse

cant tell what you say is all true

what is it for me to do

you stood me up once

and you do it twice

you even do it a third time

why will forth be any different

or is this is the way want us to end

not even to be friends

you say u never hurt me at lease not again

you coming this week

and i feel so weak

it like i cant stand my own 2 feet

i want that day to come

but if you dont show, i know we will be done

and lose all my fun

your my dream

and i dont have no tricks up my sleeve

so why is it you going to leave

but if u have to

i just want to know why is it i am so blue

why cant you just tell me the truth

why full me with hope

get me adicted like i was hook on coke

my heart cried out

my soul shout out

and i am writing this peom to let me feeling out

nomore i can be capture

i need to be free from torsure

i still love you

but i love me

but i need you to me

as i love me

only then i know you wont hurt me

because i wont hurt me

i love you, that true

or wouldnt be blue

what is left for me to do

becuase all i want is you

i love you

as i love me

but just dont hurt me please

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