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i kno this isnt the best poem, but i like it, i didnt want it to rhyme...like most people like.....


I know im not perfect

and I never will be

but I try my hardest

to live up to that level

I may not be a size zero

or have DD breasts

I dont wear those short little skirts

that make a lump in your pants

I dont w*ore myself out

and have sex on the first date

but I try my hardest

isnt it good enough?

should I be anorexic?

and make myself skinny?

should I have breast implants?

to fill your sexual desire?

I could buy those skirts

and make a lump in your pants

I can w*ore myself out...

..im sorry...I lied...

I cant do those things....

Im not perfect....

and I never will be...

I wish I could please you

the way that sl*ts do

but I do have a mind

and I have morals

I cant be that girl that you want me to be

but cant you still love me?

or like me a little?

I wish I could be perfect....

but im just not a sl*t....

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