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Best Friends ex..

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My best friend, Skye, dated Justin for 2 months. Us three, plus a couple other people, always went to the mall together, and talked on the phone a lot. On the 18th they broke up. Recently, we all started talking on the phone again for hours on end again.


Now I really like him, and he likes me too. We all 3 know, but me and Justin agreed not to go out unless Skye was okay with it. Skye later told me that she didn't like Justin anymore and that I could have him, but I didn't think she'd really truly meant that. So I asked a friend about this and she said I should ask Skye how she would feel about it if Justin and I did date.


She said she it would be awkward and that her realationship with Justin wouldn't be the same. She's my best friend, but I really like Justin, and I havn't had a boyfriend in a long time. Plus, Justin seems to really like me a lot, and he's really sweet too. I know it's wrong to date your best friend's ex, but I don't know what to do. We're all going to the movies on Friday. Should I just let it alone and see what happens later on? Please help.

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I went through the same thing.


My friend dated a guy for about 1-2 months, they broke up, he and I liked each other. I asked her if she'd be okay with the two of US dating, and she said yes.


However she wasn't. She tried to start lots of problems and make me feel guilty for dating him, but I just stuck with him and ended up being madly in love for over 2 years.


She eventually got over it, but our friendship wasn't the same.


I don't regret it though.


If she tells you she's okay with it, that's the green flag. If you pass it up, you might miss out on something really great, you never know.

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