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my rant about waiting for a lover

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No action = No reaction.


How about you get up and activly seek his attention, you always miss if you never shoot your gun right? Its a win win situation for you, ask him out and if he says no , you can move on with your life and say to yourself 'well at least i tried' , and if he says yes you got a date.


Heck you should listen to that song of Gwen Stefani " What you waiting for? "


Modern tho Desperate times require desperate action, get in the ring and start flirting, remember a relationship is a continues investment from both sides, nowadays its unusual for only males to initiate, woman initiate just as much (hopefully) rather then waiting asleep like thorn rosy waiting for their prince to arrive 'ding dong' reality check its not gonna happen, hot guys don't ring your doorbell out of nothing to give you companionship, its time to throw yourself for the lions , be carefull with what guy you date tho, long not all have good intentions with you, but trying to invest in your own future is better then waiting for the fairy godmother to improve your life, you can wait all you want but that 'aint gonna happen' sorry for the harsh reality check , but you need to get your head out of space and back on earth and how real life really works.

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