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She came back.....

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Above is a little history.


2 weeks i found out she was dating somebody, exactly 2 weeks later she want's me back.


Where the new guy: i needed to feel wanted, i was just using him for emotional support. We hardly ever saw each other, and yes i told him about me wanting to be with you. "i don't imagine my life without you"

My Analogy


I've always been on/off nc for the past couple of months, but when i found out she was dating somebody i decided that was it for me. I always mentioned it to her before that if i ever found she had/has a boyfriend that was it for me. I think when i found out and didn't beg but just said goodluck and went total nc for 14 days that forced her into making a decision. I would no longer be a safety net so she had to choose between new guy and myself.


i love her but i've realised that i don't need her to be complete or happy. I was dating some people and liked how i was letting go. I told her i need to think about it and if i do decide t try it out, we'll have to take things slow since a lot has changed(we've both grown so we need to start afresh)


What do y'all think?

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