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Im tempted!!


This is an update from this thread


Basically the guy that kept making plans to see me then either standing me up or cancelling on the last minute has contacted me again. He texted me saying he didnt get a reply from me to his last message and believes Im angry at him for what he did. He also said he wants to make it up to me. What should I do? I feel so dumb for wanting to try and start something with him, even if its casual dating.



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tell him its up to him to plan and figure everything out. make it so that you dont have to do anything at all, and its just up to him to follow through. You also have to realize that if he flakes out on this, that later on he may end up doing the same for other things (if you guys do end up having a relationship of some sort).

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Scout, I totally hear ya, but it seems as if people seem to want to communicate via text now. don't know why, maybe because they don't have to be as personal.


I do know that the girl I was seeing was totally texting me all the time. In fact, quite a few times a call would have been easier. In her defense, when we started talking about heavy things, she did ask me to call.


My point is, sometimes people text, but I think a call is "called" for now.

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I don't even have text messaging service on my cell phone. Everyone I know that has it is constantly texting, even if they're with real people in real life. To me, that's pretty rude. Also, I would prefer to talk with people on the phone, and not having text messaging means they have to call me to get in touch.

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