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4 months...little progress

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how do you suggest i do that...just stop talking to her or something?


Hey there Dan,

Hope I didn't offend you or anything ...

Truth be told, I have read some (but not all) of your threads so I am a bit vague on your history w/ your ex.


BUT based on what I read from this thread alone (so please excuse me if I am a bit off base): you miss her so you contact her but contact w/ her is not decreasing your frustration w/ this situation. Contact w/ her is not helping to improve your situation w/ your ex. As a matter of fact, contact w/ her seems to be exacerbating your frustration w/ the situation bc she is disrespectful to you when you do contact her.


Hence, I do believe, as hard as it is, you really should put distance between yourself and your ex.


If this situation w/ your ex is really not about her at all but about your "inherent need to be w/ someone," then contact w/ her will not help you resolve this issue ...


Distance w/ her will, though, bc it will allow you time and space to figure out things for yourself w/o her negative input ...


Just my two cents worth.


Good luck, okay?

And sorry again if I overstepped my bounds.

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