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I began implementing NC about 12 days ago when my ex reminded me that we are just friends and said that i fuss and was basically very mean and uncaring on the phone. Ever since that conversation i have not called him and he too has not called me. I told him that day that i did not beg to be his girlfriend and now i am not begging to be his friend and i told him to get all my things in his house and return it to me and take his from my house. He said he would but never got back to me.

Brief history- we were together for about 2.5 years and were very close. Broke up last september(he broke up) and have still been kinda close since then. constant contact and hanging out. Occasional fights once in a while. Till i did something wrong by telling his sister about our breakup and the way he was acting and he got pissed and did not speak to me for about a week. This happened 3 weeks ago.


My concern now is i did not even hear from him this past thanksgiving. He usually even just sends a txt msg to say happy thanksgiving and he did not this year. Is this a sign? I posted the story previously of how he is talking to someone out of state. What does his strategy mean. I have no intention of breaking NC after how he acted, but could he be forgetting about me?

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As sad as it is girl Nadine, take it from one who knows.... he isn't worth your time, you are a good person, don't let him f...K you around, i've being going through this for 2 months and its horrible, get on with your life, you are a good person, screw him.... I've made a mess of things over love for my ex... don't make the same mistake girl....

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Honestly, if you're implementing NC and don't want to have to beg to be his girlfriend, you shouldn't even think about him forgetting about you. Yes, I know it's hard, I start thinking like that myself...But there are so many possibilities, and thinking about what's going on with him is just going to make it harder for you to move on. Yes, he could be a cold-hearted jerk who doesn't remember your number anymore. Or he could be actively trying to implement NC on his end so that he can move on. Or he could be thinking that it's inappropriate to text an ex when he's talking to another interest. Any number of reasons...and none of them do you any good. He's your ex, and he's not exactly your friend, so you should have no concerns.


As far as the things at your house and at his house, I would wait a while longer...If he needs his things, he'll contact you. If you decide that you really do need your things, contact him sometime down the road. But chances are, you'll eventually forget anything that you left at his house and simply throw his stuff away with the trash...

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