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Friends been sexually assulted

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Well i always knew that abuse was alot more common then most people noticed, my mum was raped and so i have always grown up knowing that it could happen. But recently i have found out that my best friend my boy friend and the girl i used to be in love with (im bi) have all been seually assulted. My boy friend only just opened up to me and said that it was a long time ago... 11 years and that he's completely over it. I don't believe him. I think it still effects him and he has locked all that pain away. He said his only told 3 people his mum me and i'd say his shrink. How do i help him... I don't want to push the issue because i really don't want to hurt him. But standing by and watching him hurt is just as bad.


With my best friend its been with her family. Almost all the males have sexually abused her, now she can't be in a serious relationship as she is scared of what could happen. I wish i could get them all locked up but its not that simple. I could destroy the family. And its very hard to explain... I know it seems i should but the details are far to long to state.


As for the girl, well this has hurt her so badly that when she is around any male she shakes. She is terrified by any boyfriend she has and they have no idea of whats going on. I dont know what to do. I don't even know if she has told anyone else. But i want to help all three of them... They all mean alot to me and i have no idea of what to say... Please does anyone have any advice.

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