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the world wants me to powder my nose

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I am so bloody proud of you, for starters!!

I remember some of your earlier posts, and you were so sad, and now there is so much more hope and light in you. Don't give that up easily.


Free cocaine??! That's like a big sign that says "Free anal rapings"....or "Free lobotomy"...no, thanks! ....it's poison, remember it.


You've got your girl to think of, and your bright future. Taking that junk would be putting all that on the table and gambling it all away....all gone, so easily.


No matter your worst days now as a clean man - they are 100% easier than one come-down from the cocaine. Remember the horrid feeling?? You can choose to never feel that again.

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If you knew what cocaine would do to you, you would never touched that stuff. Cocaine is another word for misery. That stuff isn't worth it , its not good to be emotionally dependant on anything or anyone. Bring the power of your life back where it belongs , namely into your hands. Follow the 10 step program, close the door to Cocaine.

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I don't think I've ever been anywhere in my life where there was cocaine, or if there was, they must have hid it when I walked in. So I don't know about that. Can you change the places you go and who you hang out with so you won't be around it?


I can indirectly relate because I only want to drink one alcholic drink per week and no more when I go out once a week. Yet some of my friends, and one in particular, typically have alcohol around and offer it to me.


Just last night I had one drink and then my friend tried her best to get me to drink a second. One is good for me per week. More is not good because if I drink more I start developing a tolerance, which results in drinking more to get a buzz, then more, etc. This reality requires me to draw the line somewhere. So I draw it at one drink per week. I don't want to end up being a hard drinker like I was at age 23 and 24. I like being a lightweight now and intend to keep it that way. Last night, I only had one drink. My friend had 5. How did things get like this? She used to be the designated driver and non drinker and I only had one, or sometimes two at that time. Now she's a borderline lush and trying to push a second drink on me. If I had given in and drank a second, then she'd have probably tried to push a third on me. Draw your line in the sand and don't cross it. I stuck to one drink.


So I can sort of relate to your situation. Just say no thanks and stick to your plan and your values.

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