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Family is so fickle...

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Well, I'm here to vent.. so bear with me if it sounds a bit crazy.... But there are probably a few things contributing to this bad mood I'm in.. however, this was the most recent, and what pretty much is making me the most furious....


I go to College away from the family, so I come home for thanksgiving, which I'm beginning to dread because I ALWAYS have to deal with some sort of bull * * * *, and I always leave saying to myself (Next time I just won't go) But I want to see my friends that are still here, and I always just assume that ... this time it wont be that bad....


Well, the beginning of the school year I got my eyebrow pierced... which I guess was something my mom didnt like.. which is fine.... she went on her usual tiarad about how I'm low class, and how I'm scum, and how i disrespect the family.... Oh ya, did i mention that I'm a state champion swimmer, and am in charge of a mentoring program to help struggling kids in a local school??? Or how bout the fact that I'm in a research project to study theta waves in rats (which some of you might not think is cool, but i do).. Oh ya, I'm REALLY low class mom!! THANKS!!!! I don't mean to blow my own horn.. but god... some of the things that come out of her mouth just make me furious....


The rest of this family is headed NO WHERE, god forbid I'm the only one who makes something constructive out of their life!!! Oh ya, this is pretty much the first time in my LIFE I've ever gotten straight A's.. since like.. middle school... which to me is a big deal.. I finally feel like my life is going in the right direction... but everytime I'm home I jsut feel like I've screwed up some how...


OKay, well time to hit the BIG thing... we have a may term at my uni... which is an oppurtunity to take one class that you might not normally take during the regular school year, for one month... Well, there is a travel trip to Italy/Austria that I wanted to go on.. and there was an interview and such, it was actually very competitive.. and i was able to go!! And I was really excited about it.. I had to double check with my parents to see if they were willing to pay for it.. and they were all for it, telling me they were really excited about it, and offered to pay for everything!


Well, I get home, and they see the eyebrow piercing and flip a #$%#$ ... well, now my mom is telling me that she wont be paying anything for the trip... not for my passport.. food, airfare.....

There is absolutly no way that I can afford this trip.... I'm pretty much compltely broke... My best friend always gives me crap because I cant go out to eat on the weekends and am stuck inside eating ramen and such.. and he often times even offers to PAY for me!! (which i refuse)


I just have no idea how someone can be say "ya, we'll pay for it!! go sign up! blah blah blah" Than when the time comes, they just completely back out.. and leave me stranded.... I won't bore you with details. but this is a reacurring theme..

And I honestly can't wait to start making money so I can just turn on my parents and spit in their face and tell them to have fun with their lives and that I hope they enjoy their meaningless existence!!!!! ahh!! I'm just so ANGRY, i feel like I should be in High school and saying all this.. not 20 years old....](*,)

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Sounds like my family. Maybe other people in your family told your mother how "horrible" your piercings are and now shes upset and riled up..

I would explain to her in a nice way why you got the piercing and how common it is and explain your goals and achievements, if she still is mad at you im sorry to say but she sounds ignorant and not understanding.

Your family is jealous of you if you say their going nowhere and you are on your way to success. My family is the same way- loser jealous people.

I would say next time skip Thanksgiving with them. Its hard at first but spending time with jealous people will only bring you down and they want you to be like them.

If Mom does not understand, try to take out a loan...thats what i had to do and yes it sucks.

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What do I have to do to take out a loan? I'm really sick of eating out of their hand... Its frustrating and humilating.... I skipped Easter last year, and I really am thinking of just staying at my home at school for Christmas.... But I really would hate to tell my friends why I stayed at school for the entire month


as for taking the piercing out.. they might? I'm not sure.. they are EXTREMELY unreliant... One day they can tell me one thing.. than the next is completely turned around.... Its like I feel like I'm talking to two diffrent sets of people... really weird...


and nah, I didnt get it to tick them off, I just thought it would look cool, and when I'm sick of it, I figure I can just take it out.. wasnt a big deal to me...

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Yeah, I have this problem, kinda. I want to do what I want to do, but it's hard when your parents are the ones supporting you financially.


I compromise. I comply with their wishes as much as I feel is necessary to show respect and appreciation, but on some things (such as my lovelife) I have to follow my own heart and suffer the consequences.


I have to admit, I took my nose ring out right after I turned 20 before Christmas, just for my dad (he didn't ask me too, but I know he hated it) so as I'd look presentable, I guess, for our family get togethers. I just felt like I should do it out of respect b/c it wasn't that big of a deal to me.


If it's not a big deal, I try to stay on their good side while they are still supporting me whenever possible. But I've put my family through alot more and took advantage of them in the past, so it is a different situation than yours.

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yea, i took out my eyebrow piercing for thanksgiving, it wasnt a big deal to me at all, it was just a piercing, so i take it out whenever I want...


Its almost impossible for me to just "stop relying on my parents" I feel like if I do that, my life will just reach a complete stand still.... I don't know if this is true or not? maybe they have just raised me in such a way to make sure that I always feel like they have some type of "power" over me... I'm not sure....

If anyone could give me more information on taking out loans that would be really nice, everytime i search on the internet I get stuff about house loans, or car loans... and I don't know if I can do something like that... also can i take loans out of the university at all? I have no idea!!!

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