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Learn to love job.

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I think it's very possible. There's a great quote by a woman who went by the name of Peace Pilgrim that goes like this, "The fastest way to change a situation is to change your perspective of it."


One way to change a perspective about a job is to look at it as an opportunity for service. To help co-workers, customers, your boss, etc. When you look at it like that, you start to actually enjoy being of help and it improves your job performance, too.

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I think it's possible that you could learn to love or at least enjoy the atmosphere of the company (let's face it...some companies just treat their employees better than other companies) and your co-workers. I think it's possible that a good environment/co-workers can get to be very, very comfortable and leave you feeling reasonably satisfied.


However, if you basically don't like what you're doing, I think that may wear on you after a while. Part of it depends on how you view work in the overall picture of your life. If you're one of those folks who view work as a means to an end (generating enough income so you can do what you really want to do) or as a necessary evil of life, then it'd probably be ok.


However, if you're one of those folks who view work as an integral part of life and define a big portion of who you are by what you do for a living, then I think you might be better off figuring out what it IS you love doing, and try to make a career out of doing that.

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I'm not sure if I understand your question correctly. Do you mean learn to love the actual work that you are doing, but currently don't have an interest in?


To me, I can like or at least learn to appreciate most any work so long as I have an opportunity to learn something from it.

Very, very few jobs offer nothing to learn. Sometimes, you gotta look real hard and find something like 'learning patience' or 'learning how to tolerate boredom', but there is usually something.

And I feel satisfaction in gaining a skill or developing a trait this way.

A lot of times, I don't realize I learned 'it' until I am on to the next job and it comes in handy!


The only thing I will not tolerate is an environment that is inhumane or where the people are all insane/jerk wads/backstabbers: because life is too short, and good people can make all the difference.

Also, I need to get paid enough to survive well.


Some jobs - no, I didn't love. Even after giving it my all and time. Just don't love everything. But that had something I wanted, and so it was worth it to me stick it out.

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