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Hi all,


I posted a while ago and had told u I had met a girl online. Well I met up with her last night.....she's a beautiful person inside on out, we have so much in common. we ended up having so much fun last night!shes great!


I have always thought meeting online friends was so dangerous and i believe it still is. You have to make sure you actually KNOW the person. There are so many fake people out there, please be careful! I have been extremely lucky with this girl.


Ill keep u updated if anything happens...we are friends first...then we will see....

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Yo Cutey. Be careful. I am not killing your joy. I am in the same boat, kinda, or at least I was.


I met a girl at a club. Actually, she met me. She was flirting with my friends and I was pushing her towards one of my other friends. I thought she would like him as all of the girlies do.


So, she keeps coming back. Then, she starts flirting with just me. We talk and hit it off and I realize she is flirting with me.


One thing leads to another, she asks me out, I give her my number. The next AM, she calls me to see if I want to hang out. So, we hang out and she is awesome and beautiful. I am thinking what a lucky guy I am.


I go back and forth to see her and we have a WONDERFUL time. I stay back with my feelings and she makes ALL the moves. All, the right moves. She makes them ALL.


Then, I get an offer for a job to be close to her. It is in a major area. I ask her about it, after she informs me that I should find a job close to her, so she can see me all the time.


So, I ask her about the offer, because I care about what she thinks and she is my friend. I figure that is what started it. She replies that it appears that I am putting the decision on her. I WAS NOT! I simply wanted her opinion. Besides, she did say she wanted me close. So, fast forward to yesterday...


She needs a break and she is unsure of what she feels. I totally understand, because quite frankly, it has been fast and has scared me too. She deserves the right to make up her mind. At first, the shock set in, cause she said and did so many things that led me to believe she wanted to be together forever.


I know, WAY too fast (this is all in a couple of weeks)


I know she has to be scared and so am I. There are past feelings and subconscious feelings and doubt about previous relationships, etc.


It hit me like a ton of bricks and I left. I should not have and wish I had not. I should have been more understanding.


My only point is this. It was GREAT while it lasted. Almost a dream. I needed it. Then it turned on a dime.


Be careful and guard your heart until you don't need to. Also, realize now what you will want and will not want. What is ok for you?

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thanks so much for your reply, im sorry about what has happened..


I will be careful, we are just going to be friends first and then if it leads to more then that will be great but im not going to rush anything.


She really seems like a gorgeous girl, she has had a few bad meet ups with ppl online so she is wanting to play it safe also, which i really respect.


thanks again for your reply, all the best



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