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Ok, so theres a guy i know who came up to see me last week, for like 2 days after everything was fine then he seemed to go totally off the rails and it was like he didnt wanna care about anyone, then a few days later he said he was sorry, just had stuff to think about etc etc.

I went down to see him yesterday, and everything was fine, till i got back home, signed onto msn and started talking to him just to let him know id got home safe, he kinda was a bit upset with me cos i have msn on my mobile phone, but my battery died whenever i kept trying to sign in, so when i got home and got my phone on charge i signed in. Then a few minutes later i just started crying cos i felt really stressed with some university work that is hard and theres loads of it. By this time hed gone out to "clear his head" and then came back a few minutes later and just said that he really didnt care about me, and to prove it, knowing i had feelings for him, he told me he loved me, knowing this was the one thing i wanted to hear from him but i knowing that i knew it was fake. Thing is during the day he was really nice, and said that cos i think im pregnant, he would take care of me and the baby, and thats just what he wud do cos he cares about his friends, so im just totally lost on what this guy wants. He seems to go through the i want to die phase every other day more or less like clockwork. And i just sit through and listen to him telling me how much he wants to kill himself, lets face it, he never does, not in the last month anyway, i ring him in the morning and hes fine, had a good nights sleep and everything.

What the hell is he playing at and what the hell do i do?

Catie x x x

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There's too much turbulence in this relationship, both of you are stressed out , and stress keeps piling up, the answer? REFUSE to take part of all the hectic, you two both have to do that, along with planning your lives out more properly. Does he love you? Im guessing yes, but with suicidal people they are self consumed , wallowing in their own problems. When was the last time you said to yourself , this was truelly a happy day for both of us? See, you can't meaning that the two of you are unhappy most of the time, not because you two are making eachother miserable, but life problems are consuming you.


Its like farming, if you take too much hay on your fork its too heavy and you will fall. Both of you should release some steam from the kettle ,take it easy and bring your life in calmer waters. What kind of life is it if your constantly under stress? Bring love and light on a continues basis, do what you have to do and then you can take a break, and then you can try to cheer him up , and show him that to free himself from the darkness he only has to look up to see the light. For now to the end of your life continuesly take off pressure from the kettle, however not to the point that you get nothing done in life, but to a point where you can say 'im functional' instead of having to say im in a dysfunctional relationship. Don't give another spin to that wheel of hatred if arguments arise, just keep on loving him. When he rejects you, just let him go and let him be on himself. Its a typical guy thing to distantiate themselves from everyone when troubles arise, in order to try to figure it out alone. Which most of the times doesn't work, so what you have got to do is to be supportive of you, and him vice versa.

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