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Am I in danger??

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This past Sunday I was feeling just fine after getting out of the shower. All of a sudden I fell to the floor in pain.. pain in my lower abdomen. I couldn't move... felt like someone was sticking me with 1000 needles and I laid there on the floor for almost two hours. I hadn't done anything out of the ordinary... wasn't on any medication, nothing... just a normal day. I didn't feel as though it was necessary to visit the doctor so I thought I'd wait it out... maybe it was just gas or something.


Well, it's been two days since then and I still have the pain but it's not as intense. I haven't lost my appetite and everything else is normal but man oh man it hurts when I put pressure on my abdomen. I feel bloated but other than that, everything is fine... just can't make any sudden movements otherwise I'd get this sharp pain to the left and right sides.


Has anyone experienced this or have an idea of what could be going on? If so, PLEASE don't hesitate to let me know. Thank you!

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yes I definitely think you should see a Dr. I'm in the medical profession and I would like to ask: Have you had a bowel movement since the incident? Have you been exercising lately or doing any heavy lifting? Are you allergic to any medications, food, pollen, etc? What did you eat prior to the pain?


Is the pain on the right or left side? If it's tender on the right you should see the Dr. for potential appendicitis.

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Well, I haven't gone to the dr because I don't have insurance and don't have the cash to spend on a single visit. Yes, I have had bowel movements since then. I exercise everyday but that previous Saturday I played football and that was pretty intense as far as my body not being used to the roughness.


At first the major pain was on the left side but now it's dispersed to the entire lower abdomen region... no matter where you press, it has the same amount of pain. I'm not allergic to anything and am not on any meds so that is most likely not a cause.

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Well, teaching/public hospitals especially will work something out with you. Go to the ER and tell them what is going on. They don't ask for cash up front. Heck, some are willing to work out payment plans of a few dollars a month. Whatever. It will still be cheaper then dealing with it when it turns into an emergency. They won't say NO, they just will want to work out something with you.


It sounds like it could be anything from appendicitis, to a serious infection, to a rupture and internal bleeding from a hit or hernia of some sort. ALL of which need prompt medical intention, and I am not kidding in that they can turn deadly fast. Hopefully it IS nothing, but is it really worth risking your life on?

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Depending on your income/insurance status, some hospitals will waive the cost of emergency care.


This happened to an ex of mine. He had a respiratory infection that got so bad he was unable to breathe. He also happened to be unemployed and uninsured at the time. Several weeks after the visit when the bill came, we made a copy of his most recent tax return and filled out a form and didn't have to pay for the emergency care.


An Urgent Care may ask for payment at the time of service, but ERs are not set up that way. In just about every city, there's at least one hospital that HAS TO provide emergency care to anyone that stumbles, walks, or is wheeled in, no matter their ability to pay.


A phone book and a few phone calls should reveal the location of that hospital in your area.


RayKay is right...you don't want to ignore this and hope it goes away.

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