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Just a biiig/huge/enormous vent..


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I hate everything right now I'm all alone, my family has just left for vacation for a month today and thing've started going wrong ALREADY it's my bday in 2 days, I'll be all alone away from my family on my bday for the first time and then today things started going wrong.. My dad was paying for my university and I told him I can get student loans so that he can use the university money for his business. So thats what we did, and this semestre, I thought I applied for it, but it turns out I applied for something else! (There was 2 documents, I just applied for one instead of both..) and now it's too late! I thought it was just the government who was being slow.. Because I went to ask to make sure everything was ok before and they just told me the government's slow sometimes I never suspected they never received my application.. and now I called my dad to get his credit card number so I could pay it online, I'm already late!!! (geez, 1st semestre is almost done! ) So he told me it was my responsability to make sure etc. But I didn't KNOW! It was my first time doing this myself.. He was pissed and told me to do whatever I want to do. My credit card has a limit and my account has around 3k but I need like 3.3k so I got his credit card and tried to pay it online but the system gave an error saying the card might've been charged telling me to go to the register at my school..


He told me he'll take half of the university money from my account as a punishment!! I HATE EVERYTHING, it's been years I've been saving my money and he's talking about taking half of it..


I hate my life right now, alone in this place, this is the first day and I already feel like ending my life Only if I had kept my mouth shut and not told him I can take money from the government so he could use the money for his business..

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First of all, I'm gonna wish you an early happy birthday! I'm sorry to hear that your family won't be there to celebrate it with you, that does suck! But I sure hope that you'll be able to celebrate it with your friends on your special day!


Your dad is using your college funds for his business?? that doesn't sound too good. That money is supposed to be for YOUR education! You should've used that money towards your college expenses instead of taking out loans, trust me on this one! I graduated 3 years ago and I still have 3 more years of school loans to pay back! It's a huge burden on me now that I'm working on my own without my parents' help. And your dad has NO RIGHT in taking your college money away from you as a punishment. That money was given to YOU from the govt and he has no right taking that away from you.

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Sorry babypink if I miswrote that, my communication skills really do suck. I got funds and paying my university fees with those funds. Normally my dad was paying for my university but I told him I could get funds and pay my own univ. and he could use his money for his business. He's not taking away that money. I just missed the deadline for application because I thought I applied for it and the secretary told me that was all I needed. And then I checked a week after and they told me sometimes it does take a while for the funds to get in, so I waited.


It's just the fact that, normally he'd be paying if I had kept my mouth shut about the student loans and I wouldn't have to go through this. I tried to help him with his business but missed an application so now he's all pissed at me and told me he'll take away from my savings (I had been saving money, for no reason, to use in the future)

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Duran Duran song: "When it comes to makin' money, say 'yes, please, thank you'."


Now you know to shut your mouth next time and let him pay!


These "funds" . . . are they LOANS?

""told him I can take money from the government""

In fact, the government is taking the money from YOU (interest).


Don't stress about this: Just pay the 3k, it's really not that much, and you're very lucky that your father is helping you out AT ALL. If you already have some money saved, then this shouldn't be much of a problem. Your dad will pay for the rest of your education, but just stick it out this time-- be a grown-up about it, and be appreciative, don't whine and complain to him, because he does not have to pay a thing if he doesn't want to.


Believe me, if you're in undergrad now, and only have to pay about 3k for your entire undergrad education, it really doesn't make that much of a financial difference for you in the big scheme of things.


Just relax and go easy on your dad. If you think THIS is bad, try taking out loans for your WHOLE education, all 4 or 5 years . . . and see how long it takes you to pay them off. I know someone in his early thirties who is SITLL paying off student loans.

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