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will he come back to love me? =/


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i decided to take a break/breakup with my bf because im completely in love with him but problem is he is not in love with me.. and i have been dealing with this problem for about 6 months and i told him that one day i will break up with him because i want to get married to him but since he does not love me hows that going to happen?


its like im wasting his and my time.. he told me that in order for me to make him love him i have to be nice to him and not to get mad at him because of the smallest things and as a result be mean to him... its like he is giving me a recipe on how i can get his love.. and last night i have realized that he is never going to love me and he should love me for my good and bad not just my good side becasue think about it imagine if i do become nice to him and he gets his love for me whats going to happen if we get in a fight when he falls in lvoe with me... his love for me will disappear withing seconds of the fight? i hardly see him or talk to him because he is jsut way too busy in college i see him for a few hrs one day a week... i trust him... majority of his work he has to do for school has to be done on his laptop his comp automatically logs on to aim and i see him on there for hours and he has the idle option so anytime he away from the comp he is idle for like 10 mins or so.. so we hardly talk or see eachother


so anyways i broke up with him 2 nights ago after a yr and 5 months this was over the fone and i was crying so hard and he was shocked when i broke up with him, at first he thoguht i was joking but then he realized that i was serious he insisted on giving it another month to see if it will change i declined im like to him whats going to happen you are going to wake up from bed and be like "wow i love her"..its not going to happen .. and btw i was his first gf he never had a gf and he 24 ...


so we broke up and he seemed sad ( i think). the reason why i broke up with him is beacuse this my last chance to know if he loves me... if he wont talk to me or see me he wil realize what he lost and realize he does love me.. its like theat phrase "if you love someone let them free if they come back to you then its meant to be" he never experienced love before so he claims he dunno how it feels to love a girl..


i told him when he realized if he loves me to call me and we will get back together.. he like 'how about can i call you when i miss you" im like "no please dont call" i made him promise me not to call me or communicate with me in any way until that one day that he realizes he loves me after we got off the phone he text messages me saying "thank you for telling me how you feel and what we should do i dont know if it was right or wrong but maybe its for the better, think postive, u didnt do anything wrong except screw me over a few times that scarred our relantionship, but whatever u dont do it anymore so dont blame urself.. i actually give you alot of respect for doing this it may actually change me towards u and love you in say about a week or so" then i responded to his text saying that i love him and that i hope he will come back to me soon he text me back saying "alright good night sweet dreams stop crying u got to wake up early tomorrow". honestly do you think this guy will come back to me? i dont know if im doing the right thing it may backfire on me because im waiting for him to call me to tell me that he loves me.. this is by far the longest we havent spoken... 2 days

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I have some friendly advice for you....if you don't feel he loves you....why the heck did you stay so long? Did you feel he was going to change? Did you feel you loved him enough to put up with him NOT loving you the way you want to be loved?


What kind of sense does that make? You told him if he decided that he loved you "you guys would get back together".....Hmmm What is the point?


I think you are trying to fit a circle where a square should be. It doesn't mesh. I am sure you love this fellow. I have no doubt BUT....if you have to PRY love, respect or compassion from anyone....you are wasting your time and energy on a lost cause.


I think you need some serious time apart so you can evaluate your situation better and stop making excuses for his behavior. You know what you want and what you expect in a relationship. If you are NOT getting it...its the same as trying to get blood form a turnip.



Think about it.....





-Your Friend





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