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Ideas for things to do with friends??

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Hey! I have trouble making friends & when I do find someone to maybe become friends with all I can think of is asking them to come over and watch dvds! Which I think probably is kinda boring for them. I can't think of anything else though! Does anyone have any ideas?? But not anything thats too over the top!

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Anything involving alcohol is good. (well, not anything! but alot of things)


-nice restaurant for supper

-drinks at a martini lounge

-see if they are interested in live theatre, dance performances or the opera.

-rock concerts, live raggae shows, etc.


-waterslides (too over the top maybe? but really fun!)


Watching dvd's isn't the best option because it doesn't allow for much interaction.

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Night Club, thats if you guys are into that


Out for dinner some place


Road trip somewhere


Swimming at a river or beach


Ice skating


Sky diving




watch drag racing


It really depends what you guys are interested in, everyone is into different stuf

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Hey Shikashika, Yep I think I could be coming accross as too stong.. I am aware that I've got potential to become too clingy because I get so excited when I meet someone new. So i'm always careful not be too full on.. but maybe i'm doing it without realising? It does always seem to be me asking people each weekend to do stuff and never them asking me! But that could be because I dont want to wait and see if they call me because they might not!

& wow there are some good ideas from all you guys!!! I think I might try the swimming at a beach idea next -thanks lost&broken


If anyone else has more ideas please write them!

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Well, generally, we drink, and I make an * * * * * of myself. But really I just tote one or two of them along with me wherever I'm going -- girls, that is. My guy friends seem to need to set up official activities. It's cute. Anyway the point isn't the activity, it's the fun you have being together; I had the best time this summer with a couple of girlfriends, stripping wallpaper in a back bedroom, and complaining about the men in our lives...invite them over for a real b*tchfest -- or maybe you have to be older to get into that.

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