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Me and my ex-girlfriend are talking again


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I dated my ex for exactly 1 year and 5 months and it was the greatest relationship that I've ever been in and the first time I've ever really been in love and I know it was the same for her. Until I felt like I needed a break from the relationship and I decided to break it off w/ her in June.


It hurt her a lot and myself as well. I see her all the time and I remember what I had with her, I realize how much of a loser I am without her and how unhappy I am now. I started talking to her last Friday, and it's now October. So it's been a long time since we've really talked to each other. I told her how much of a loser I am without her and how unhappy I am with the people I hang out with. I told her how I used to be happy with her and how much she means to me. She said she was just hurt a lot and doesn't know what to do. She started asking me if I still loved her and I said yes, because I really do. She said she wanted to keep talking to me over the phone every night and I talk to her after lunch at school.


She wants to take a few weeks of us taking it slow and talking and go from there. She said that we could maybe go out sometime to get something to eat. I wanted to know some of your thoughts and views on the situation. I told her that I'm willing to take it slow and do whatever she wants. I'm the bad guy here and I want to do everything I can to show her how much I love her.


any help would be good,


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She is currently taking proper actions easing into this relationship again.


I think being as patient as you can, and not bringing up the past, is the best thing. Make sure you listen to her, and make sure that you talk about some interesting things you learned, and not about the mourning period.


In reality though, if you had doubts once, what keeps you from doubting again?


I think June till now is too little of time since you had a year and a half relationship. But I wish you the best, go easy... and especially when things start getting sexual... it might be strange the first time.


I don't know if I could ever return to one of my exes.



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you are in the exact same situation as me. right down to how long you dated, the month you broke up and the month you started talking again. very weird.


you are in the same situation as my ex. and he started talking to me again last week and would like to be back together. i definitely see your situation from your ex gf's point of view.


she probably still has loving feeling for you, but is unsure if she wants to give you all of her again. if you broke her heart once, she may be skeptical you will do it again. thats what im dealing with now, i told my ex i would take things slow and go on casual dates...im considering him on probation because he needs to prove himself to me all over again. if i were you, dont come on too strong but gestures like taking her out to show her how much you care will say alot, face to face conversations are more personal than simply talking to her on the phone. you must do most of the initiating. remember not to pick up where you left off, both of you have been through changes since you guys split, take time to get to know the differences between each of you.


i hope it works out for you.

best of luck to you!

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I just got back from lunch and I started talking to her again. It's weird like now, she starts noticing me and she started waving at me during lunch. I walked with her from lunch to class and we talked for a while, it's getting a lot easier to talk to her and she's seeming more open to me now.


I havent talked any about the past stuff like the break up, just random stuff that we can both talk about together. I will take all the time in the world necessary to show her how much I want to be with her. I hope this works out.

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I hope things work out for you.


You said you were the one who broke it off with her?


I agree with what psu11 said.... As you know many many people come on here looking for ways to get their exes back... and I think it should be a a lot of effort on your part to be honest, considering you were the one to dump her.


I would be very skeptical of going back out with an ex, as much as i want it to happen... how could i ever 'give myself' and put myself out there again if i i was trampled on before! its my pride as well.


tell her what you told us... IMO i think you need to know what went wrong... what both your expectations are..... and what you are willing to do to make it work again!


good luck!

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She never did anything wrong, the only problem was when I broke up w/ her. She asked me why and I told her I need some space for a while. When I broke up w/ her, I did it over the phone and I talked to her for about 2 hours. She was crying and so was I, it was the most difficult thing I've ever done.


I hurt her more than anyone could have, I was the world to her and it hurts me to know that. I'm trying to build her trust back and show her how she should really be treated.

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At least one thing... its refreshing that some people, like, do go back... especially when there was nothing wrong with the relationship like lying, cheating, stealing, ...



Many of us on here have been dumped with no apparant reason... so its nice to see that you realise this.


why do you want her back... just be sure its not because you 'just miss her'... you may find yourself needing space again... and causing her and yourself further heartache if you don't 'fix' the problem

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