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Today I'm really not doing well It's been over a week and still no response from my ex. I mean everything was fine. How can you spend practically every day and night with someone for 4 months and just dead them like they never existed. It's not like we got in a huge fight or I cheated on him..then..maybe I could understand. But I did nothing wrong.


I did everything for him. I taught him how to drive, paid for everything for the first two months when he didn't have a job, got him a job painting with my father, picked him up everywhere everyday...and as soon as his get's this job in the city, he acts as if he's too good for me.


I wish I could just forget him. Why does it have to be so hard. I don't want to be that ex who can't get over it. I've been in two 3 year relationships and never felt about anyone the way I do him


How do I get over this?

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I'm really sorry. How old are you? To me, and I truly hope I'm wrong here, it sounds like he may have used you a bit... You supported him, spent money on him, got him a job... when he felt you were no longer of any use to him, he bailed. I'm not saying he didn't/doesn't care for you, it may be a subconscious thing. But he's not too good for you, you're too good for him. The fact that you were so generous proves it.

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I agree with others that this guy isn't for you.

I find it odd that you teach him to drive, find him a job as a painter, and he's critical of your lack of a HS diploma.


How does his college experience help him paint?


I've run into this all my life, since I lack a college education. Some people drift into a form of snobbery. Many supposedly educated people don't even own a library card, but watch 3 hours of TV every night.

Education is a wonderful thing, but not as a tool to shame others.


Don't let this guy define your self-worth.

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