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Heart Broken


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I been with someone for 2 years.


Today the just dumped me saying they been sleeping with someone else for 4 months. They still been sleeping with me too.


I'm completely devasted, I feel like complete

What do I do?


I'm physically shaking as I'm typing this.


I just hurt so much.

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BEen where you are right now.....


I PROMISE you - it will get better. The pain fades....


Hold on in there....look after yourself, take time to heal and confront your emotions.


What you are feeling is your heart breaking - but luckily it will heal - give it time.


I hope you aren't sleeping with him anymore? that won't be healthy for you.


Keep posting your feelings - let them out.....ENOTALONE is your haven to vent xxx

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This person does NOT deserve your love. At all.


Start No Contact. If they contact you do not respond. It will hurt more then anything, you will think that nothing will ever get better, your heart will physicaly be in pain, you will not stop thinking about what has happened.


You proberly wont be able to function properly, eat, sleep or anything else.


But this is because you cared so much and you thought that the person you care about so much could never hurt you like this.


But they have. Please believe me only with NC will things get better, time goes so slow. But things WILL and DO get better. May take some time. But i promise they do.


Do you deserve this hurt and pain? Do you deserve what this person has done? NO nobody does. But they have hurt you. and for now you need to do what is best for YOU.


Leave it be. NC.


Takecare of YOURSELF before you takecare of anything else.

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Hi Fishhead,


I just came accross your post. I am so sorry that you are in so much pain. I really am - it's such a horrible situation but you can pull through this and you can be strong, you really can.


My first thought would be to stop sleeping with them asap. If say, things seem tender and feelings of comfort come back a week or a few days from now between you, you cannot let them disrespect your body again. You were not respected as a unique partner, and because you have so much more respect for yourself and your body, you should not go back to being with them now.


Are you living with them? If you are, perhaps you should pack some things and stay with a friend/family. Don't explain what you're doing, just do it for yourself. It's time to heal and get better...


If you're not living with them, don't contact them because it's very emotional right now anyway and you need to have some distance from the situation.


Actually I would drop all contact with them - even if they contact me, I wouldn't reply for now. Concentrate on your family and friends - they really are here for you and they will know that you need them.


I know it feels crazy and mad and unreal at the same time but trust me, you will feel better. Keep posting on this site, hold your head high because you're not the "complete s*t" at all - they are.




MvdS x

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I'm really sorry this happened to you. That's got to be one of the worst feelings.


But as said, you deserve better. It's good that he actually let you know what was going on because you needed to know how jerky he was. As much as it hurts right now, it's just a piece of closure.


Start no contact right away. You need time to heal from the breakup, as well as hearing that he was cheating on you for so long. It won't happen over night, but I promise you, sooner or later you will feel better and you will see that he didn't deserve you anyway.


Try hard to hang in there. If possible go out with friends. Keep yourself busy, but not to the point you are stressed. You just need to try to get your mind off of missing him.


And you know you always have us to come to!

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Thank you all for the rpelies.


I have deleted his details from my phones and MSN, and blocked him.


Don't worry I'm NOT EVER sleeping with him again!!!!


Sorry I haven't replied quicker, I just boxed up all his cards, letters and things.


What should I do, post them to him or chuck them?


I'm full of so much hate for him, I'm tempted to write him a letter, basically saying what he can do with his presents.

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Throw them away. Do not write him a letter!


Prove to him that you don't want anything to do with him by just ignoring him and acting as though you are better off without him. Because you really really are!


Writing him a letter will get you no where. It will just open up contact again. And really, do you think it's going to make any difference?


What he did was low.. and you deserve SO much better.

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Hi Fish,


It's okay. If you need to let your emotions out, do so. Repressing it will be unhealthy, but also balance what you're going through with what you enjoy doing.


Don't worry about it. Her karma will come back to her. She cheated on you. She did it with intent, and lack of regard to your feelings. She was selfish. No worries, because for all of the guys I dated in the past, who severely hurt me, they ended up paying back for their karma in one way or the other..So will she.

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