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me and my boyfriend's best friend......


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Ok guys, I have a problem consuming way too much of my thoughts and i need to let it out.


The other night my boyfriend's best friend was over. I was helping my boyfriend's best friend on the computer, and we were sitting really close. ( I am absolutely sexually attracted to this guy- a football player who has a great sense of humour. )

I was, admittedly, a little tipsy. But i dont know this guy very well at all and we were sitting really close and it wasnt uncomfortable at all- neither of us flinched once. Then he started to very softly and discretely feel my leg ( i was wearing a dress) with one or two fingers. But then again, because we were sitting so close he could have been doing something else with his fingers and they were just incidentally touching my leg. This continued for an hour or so, meanwhile we talking and laughing, and my boyfriend was watching tv.


He came over the day after again, and was looking at me all the time, but there was no oppertunity to get so close again.


I havent seen him for 3 days now but i messaged him today to say that he left his dvd here. he took ages to answer and was pretty brief when he did.


Oh my god i have gone on and on forever. But i keep thinking about him, even when i am with my bf.


can anyone help me out about this guy's thoughts? i am really not getting on with my bf at the moment and my mind is wandering- but this is his best friend.......](*,)

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You could keep your distance from this guy perhaps and work on your relationship with your boyfriend or you could break up with your b/f leaving an opportunity for your b/f's friend. If he is any kind of friend though, he wouldn't make a move on you and if he does, he isn't likely to be loyal boyfriend material is he? Actually, if he was pawing your leg under the table whilst in the presense of his best friend... well that says it all really doesn't it?

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Hes not much of a friend is he if he was touching you leg while your BF was there. I would never want a friend like that. Could never trust him. And if you was with him you could never trust him also.


Plus if you was to leave your b/f and get with his friend then i dont think hed be too happy, belieive me itl be really sour situation if you do that.


Try working it out with your bf if you cant and if you want.


Love takes two constants, Constant communication and Constant sacrifice.


Talk with him and see where you get. Think before you do anything because you reep the consequenses of your actions.



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As Strictly4MyGrind said, it's can turn into a real sour situation. Trust me, I was in that situation, and it went way sour.


If you're current relationship i beyond repair, and you have more then just a physical attraction to this guy, then maybe it'd be worth pursuing (By breaking off with your BF, and then dating this other guy).


Otherwise, distance yourself from this guy, and focus your energy on repairing your relationship.

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