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with my girl for about 8 months and we were talking about haveing kids and we actually quit use protection but within the past month things have fallen apart, we moved in together after only a few months and i think it was a big mistake, we both get cranky and i was a real * * * * * * * a few times nothing really really big just acting like a * * * *. i sayed some stuff i didnt mean and i told her i was gonna leave, after leaveing i realized i flipedout so i came back and wanted to fix things, i told her how i felt, and i bought her a $360.00 locket as a symbol of my love, she brokeup with me. things started to turn around a bit i thought, but she just dosent act the same, it seems like she hates my guts now all the sudden, she wont wear the locket. i just cant stop trying to fix things and i feal like i am pushing her away each time i try to get her back in my life, i am moving out now because of all this and she is going to have a friend of hers move in, a guy she works with. i dont really like that idea but i think its a good thing that i move out. on the 21st i got her a dozen longstem roses and a pound of chocolate(it was Sweetest day im not sure if everyone knows about it its like a fake valintines day) she smiled at me and gave me a hug it felt so great, but then the next day she was back in the i hate you mode. i told her this is it i am going to step up and take care of things, i am gonna work hard for us and do things right i want to start over with her and show her that i am the right guy for her i care about her more than anything in the world. we were great together and we love eachother

i dont know why she is acting so negative and why we cant get allong living together, we just fight about stupid things.

from what i know she has been in some crappy relationships and had some bad people treat her * * * *ty. if i saw those people now i dont know how id react because i think its affecting my relasinship with her, because i was a real * * * * a few times and i think she is thinking im a * * * *head too.

also i think she is scared of commitment.


i really am a nice guy i dont have much to give but my love and devotion, thats the only thing i have going for me, just a simple,honest,stand up guy who just want to fix things and start over fresh.



anyone who has any advice for me please help me out ...

what can i do? what would you do?


any advice i can get i will try to grasp although i will most likely just keep calling and sending flowers into next year trying to win her back. im just not good at this stuff i dont know what to do with this girl , never cared this much, usualy when Relationships go sour i just leave and dont try to fix things, but this time i want to win her heart again because i really think shes the one.

Help please


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All of this is a problem with how you're handling the relationship from the start. You sound like a really nice guy, so nice that it's coming off as fake. Think about it this way, why would you keep going back for more punishment if she disrespects you? It's not the natural reaction so she has every right to question your true motives. So the next time she starts acting out of line or giving you any attitude, don't reward her with flowers, tell her she's not acting right and if she doesn't agree, then there's nothing left for you two to say. How to do this, now that's a different story...

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