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Well i'm feeling pretty good at the minute. I've turn it round and she been texting me all weekend. I've followed the perfact plan to some degree. The thing is i've moved on.... so her loss like i said a month ago. I feel like i've won.

Then again it was never game. She stamped on my heart and i can't forgive her for the pain she caused.That will take some time.

My advice is use NC for you and be the person you once were. Let them see you at your best and not with your chin on the floor. I know it's hard but it worked for me. Now i want my freedom... she set me free Life is good.

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Richard, I agree. I liked what you said about using NC to help you become the person you were before. NC gave me the distance~and distance is what I needed to see things more clearly. I feel pretty good. Yes I still have times

when I miss my ex, but they are becoming futher apart. I am spending allot

of time with my new friend, this friend is really good to me, I call her "myself."

Good for you!


Take good care,


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