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Cold that wont go away

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Whenever I get a cold (aka. runny nose) it just wont go away.


Background: I would consider myself fairly healthy. I eat well, excersise a lot and drink a lot of water. However, I sometimes dont get enough sleep, and apparently Im low on iron.


But for the last year, whenever I get a cold, it will just linger for weeks. Im in day 9 of my current one - and every day its the same. Runny nose. No coughing, sneezing or anything. Just a constant runny nose.


Does anyone know why this happens? And why it never clears up?

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With this warm winters we are having - the colds tend to be worse and hang around a lot longer!!


Do as suggested - LOTS of vit C (you can by these ones now that 'pop' with a juice inside...you can take up to 4 a day to get rid of a cold or stop you from getting one).....


And lots of sleep - listen to your body. IT needs rest and time to recoperate!!

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It is likely you do have an allergy and there are 1001 things that could be triggering it. Some years I have really bad hay fever and others it doesn't bother me. Once I lived on a really busy freeway/motorway with lots of traffic zooming past 24/7 and I had a blocked ear! I know it was this because everytime I left the area, it went within a few days! When I returned, within a day or so, it was back!


I agree with the other posts. Up your Vit C and try to lay off alcohol as this depletes your Vit C.

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As for allergies - i tried taking some anti-histemenes but that did absolutely nothing

I take a multi-vitamin and sometimes too many vitamin C (they taste too good...) every day, so that wouldnt be it...


maybe the alcohol then ... its been a big week to say the least (school finished)


Ill give the no alcohol and more sleep a shot for the next week, see how it goes.



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It could be allergies or it could be a sinus infection. I had a sinus infection for a year once. That year sucked. You might want to see a doctor to see why you are having this. I went and found out my sinus infection was caused by allergies thus ending the sinus infection. The over the counter drugs couldn't stop the infection, I had to get allergy shots. Hope this helps and have a lovely day.

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