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How do you know...how soon is to soon!


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I met this really great woman 3 weeks ago (we had been in contact via email for a while) we have really connected and get on very well, everything seems so comfortable with her. We have only been apart for 3 nights in the 3 weeks.


The way I feel with her is different to in other relationships, it jus all feels comfortable and fun and nice, but I dont get the butteflies in my stomach and I am not constantly thinking about her and planning our future......does this mean it is not right or do you not need to have this?


I feel like I want her to move in with me as we spend so much time together anyway it would seem a natural progression even though we have not been going out for long. I know she is very gone on me and ready to sign up to a long term contract, but I am not sure if I am, I feel like I should have the butterflies...I did with previous gfs...I dont want to lead her on as she has been really hurt in the past, do people normally end up with the person they get on really well with and have lots in common with is that enough?

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The butterflies and rush are not always there! I would rather them not be, so I know I'm thinking clearly and not making choices based on that "adrenaline."


Congrats on finding someone that you adore!


Remember, it takes more than a few weeks to determine if you can spend the rest of your life with someone. Of course you can make promises to her and yourself. But - be careful. There's bound to be something in the future that makes you wonder if you rushed things. Take it slow so there's no room for regret!

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