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I have been browsing self-injury forums and haven't been able to find the info I'm looking for.

I used to be a cutter - some 4-5 years ago (I'm 23 now). I'd never cut really deep, never needed any stiches or anything but I've still got lots and lots of scars on my arms that are fairly noticeable and I'm a bit tired of people asking me what I've got on my arms and getting all the strange looks. I'm not ashamed of who I am/was, where I come from, what I've been through but I would like to move on and not be reminded of 'the dark days'.

I'd like to get my scars removed. Does anyone have any similar experience? Has anyone contemplated or had their scares removed? Can it even be done successfully?

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You can have it removed by laser. It will be painful and expensive, but probably worth it for you to not have that constant reminder and to feel better about yourself.


L&B was right about vitamin E as well. Another thing you could try is Neem Oil (if you can find it. I've been trying to find it for a long time).


When my friend was in a car accident that left her covered in scars, the doctors said the scars would be permanent. But her mother applied neem oil every day and now there's not a mark on her. The stuff is amazing.

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