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Having a really bad night...

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I broke NC a few days ago. Had been NC for over 4 months.


Apologizing for the way I acted.


She didn't respond. It's been a couple days, still no response.


I don't necessarily regret sending the apology, but I feel awful tonight.


I feel completely alone. Like she's got all these friends to help her forget, and I have nobody.


I feel awful. Horribly depressed. Did I make a mistake?


I know I sound pathetic. But I really thought she was the one.....

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well.. i can tell you that sometimes getting a response isnt going to help you either. In my first week after the break i said sorry and such and i know i came off as pathetic (which i think is entirely acceptable if you have had a long lasting loving relationship ending abruptly with no clear problem). I was ignored.


On the flip side... a month + later ive actually talked to her since (aim), and it hasnt made me feel better. So i think you gotta stay away. Itl just hurt you more if you hold on to hope, like i did.

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You did good to get it off your chest, but make sure to interpret her silence in the right way. By not answering, she's telling you in very certain terms that she's no longer interested and that is her final answer. There's really nothing more that can be said at this point so now you are free to move on with no obstacles. This is the bottom you needed to hit before you can start moving on for real.

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