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Oral Fixation!

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I have recently been evaluating my behavior, and discovered that I have a severe oral fixation. All dirty jokes aside, I literally cannot go for more than ten minutes without doing something with my mouth, unless I'm asleep.


If I'm around people, I'm talking when I'm not drinking or smoking or eating. I get waaaay too drunk when I drink because I can't stop putting the drink to my lips. I smoke waaaay too much when I'm alone, because I'm not talking. I smoke to the point of making myself feel sick, but only when I'm alone. When I drink coffe I get waaay too caffeinated, cause I can't stop drinking it.


While I study, I eat in-shell sunflower seeds to the point that my lips and tongue get raw and I sometimes gain 5 lbs. of water weight from all the sodium from them.


I bite my lip a lot, to the point where my jaw sometimes hurts from over-extending it, and I chew on my lip ring out of habit. I chew gum when I can't have anything else, and I fall asleep in class if I am not eating something.


I also like to kiss to the point of distraction. And, yes, other stuff too.


However, I don't chew pens or my nails or hair or anything.


I know, this sounds totally weird, but does anyone know a cure for an oral fixation? I can't chew gum ALL the time, it makes me look like a cow.

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i'm the same way. either i'm biting the inside of my cheek, smoking, guzzling down water, or sucking on a pen. i even express this in the sex department. it's crazy. i think it's a freudian thing (not enough, or too much, oral stimulation during infancy-- and hey, i was not breast fed, i wonder if that has anything to do with it? LOL


this is something i've been dealing with for years, since i was a kid, i was always putting things in my mouth, chewing on pens in school, etc..


don't know of a cure, though, sorry

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I think the first step is really monitoring your behavior. You've already identified the problem...now you need to vigilantly watch for it. Start with things like biting your lip -- when you notice yourself doing it too much, try to stop. When eating sunflower seeds, eat them slowly and only have a limited amount on your table...same with coffee and cigarettes, limit the amount that's available to you (only have a couple within reach, not an unlimited supply). If you're really dedicated to fixing your behavior, little by little you'll make some progress...and it will be easier as you go along.


As far as gum, you can have it in your mouth and not chew it in a bovine fashion, just kind of suck on it. Or mix it up with sugar-free candy...no unsightly chewing there!

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