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theres a knife in my back.

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for the past few days this situation has pretty much been killing me. and i know you can prolly just say that its because im still in highschool (senior) and its all drama, but to me, its a big deal.


over the summer i met a boy. his name was tom. i met him at work. and we hit it off really well as friends. i work with a lot of my friends from school so its usually always fun to work. so he hit it off with us all well.


we started talking online and at school and i found out that he really liked one of my friends.


so eventually i helped him get the courage to ask her out. they have been going out for two months now. and he's become like one of my best friends.

i spent hours upon hours talking to him online talking to him and knowing him better than anyone. we shared so much in so little time it was unbelievable.


after awhile my friend started to get jealous of this relationship tom and i had. she felt as if she was his girlfriend, she should be EVERYTHING. and i should be nothing.


recently i got in a small fight with tom. he said something he shouldn't have. he got so angry at himself that he was throwing things around his room. he called nicole (my friend/hisgf) and was crying to her about how he was so upset i was upset and i was like his bestfriend and he didn't want me to me upset. he didn't come to school the next day.


she didn't look at me the next day. she hated my guts that he was so upset about fighting with me. he had never ccared that much when fighting with her.. or so she said.


next thing i knew, i was talking with tom on the phone, tryin to resolve the situation and told me that we were never really good friends.


he had made a mistake.


that his girlfriend was right, that him and i shouldn't be close.


and never really were.


am i wrong to be upset?


am i wrong to not want to look at either of them?


i feel like a knife is sticking out of my back.


she manipulated him to believe that he can't have any other friends.


what kills me more, this situation wouldn't exsis if i was male.

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Your friend is obviously jealous and can't accept the fact that TOM shows more emotions with you than he does with her. What you should do, is just respect their decision, but at the same time ignore the both of them completely. If you say TOM and you were AMAZING friends, he has a mind of his own and I guarantee he will come back to you apologizing. Just ignore them both and pretend like nothing bothers you. You will get the upper hand soon sweetie. Goodluck!

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I can totally understand you being upset. It would be one thing if Tom cooled the friendship just so his girlfriend didn't get the wrong idea. But for him to say you two were never good friends is just plain hurtful.


Sorry this happened to you my friend.

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