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Does anyone have a good understanding of guilt and what causes it.


I don't mean I have done something wrong and feel guilty about it but that sometimes for no real reason I have a horrible feeling of guilt come over me.


All I do is think about life and what i've been doing in the recent time to try and find something i must be guilty about, thats causing the feeling but there isn't anything.


Makes no sense does it.... any advice would be grateful.



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Maybe you are dwelling too much on the past because you are bored. You have to try to occupy yourself with different things like school, friends, activities etc. I experience this too, but only because I'm severely depressed. You can try going to a psychologist or something like that. I've been to one and she "sort of" helped me out. I still think of my past regrets and feel guilty though. But, I think once you get busy and start doing things you enjoy, you'll look forward to the future. Remember, if you've ever done anything in the past that you regret, just know that people make mistakes. You've realized your mistakes, and now it's time to learn from them. You can't really change what happened. I hope all goes well

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