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love and lust


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looking for some honesty about a particular subject.

When you are in the whole, heart stopping big time love that you absaloutlet believe is the right one for you, does the lust have to diappear.

Is it possible to create the same dizzy attraction for the one you love as the one you think you might love, are seeing where it goes etc?


~Just wonderingxx

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I've been married for 5 and a half years, and there are still times - often - where I just feel like I have to have my husband right now and nothing else will do. He's just so unbelievably gorgeous.


I think that once the novelty wears off and you still feel the same way you do, only slightly calmer, that's when you have a lasting relationship.

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thanks for the input...

To further my post.

I was with someone lovely for maybe three years, and all was lovely.

things turned that he had to move away to the other side of the world for work.

In the leadup to this time things had dwindled off as we were both busy doing other stuff, and never really took what was between us as seriously.

Then i was with someone when he was gone. This went on for four years, and although the realtionhip was abuive on many levels, the pasion was huge and all the other stuff that goes along with that!! I grew so much in this relationhip- even though it didnt service my emotional needs(only just getting back to seeing it is ok to have those!)


So all through this my man away is still in touch, we are best friends, and ssomehow, noone has ever quite emasured up to him as a person .


So he's back recently- very soon after i finally nailed the coffin of the hitty relationship i had put myelf in.


We spebt a lot of time together, which was lovely....but i am holding back completely with physical stuff.


I think i am unable to do it again after my bad realtionship, what if things are not a powerful in a loving realtionship????

I am seriously thinking this is something i may have to deal with forever.....

I am gong to stay with him for a month, and hope to god i can come back from wherever i am sexually!!!!!

any thoughts- much appreciated!!

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