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i feel like i need my ex. i feel like with everyone telling me no, im getting played with, i deserve better, with all of this, i want to ignore and run back. but im writing it here instead of doing it. im afriad to be alone, im afriad not to find what i had, im real sad. somehow i think its my fault, even when i re assure myself for a minute, i fall back and think its my fault.


i cut my ex off, i felt like it was right at the time, but why do i feel so a month later, why do i feel like i need it so bad? im living without my ex, im moving on, but i wanna just say "lets work it out"


and its never going to work out, i hate this feeling

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Yeah i know the feeling, it is like kicking a bad habit, or a habit i should say. It was comfortable, although it may have been toxic, it is the comfort you seem to be missing. This to shall pass.


The funny thing about believing you need something, it is a false belief. Figure out why you believe you need her and these thoughts will no longer persist.

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