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Thoughts, Mum and the ex

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Hey.Well i hope this is the right place to post this but yeah....

Well ages a go well a couple of months but for me its been ages i broke up with my boyfriend and im happier now with a new boyfried who is humane and doesnt scare me or pressure me , a religon with a really acepting church , and some great new friends that i wouldnt trade for anything but now i am totally over him but i still somethings think aboput like say when i hugged him i get really guilty feelings ( like in disgust sort of-ish) like why did i fall for some one like that and also my mum somethimes to my dislike he comes up in our conversations and mum says how she misses him and how i broke his heart and etc (shes ment to be on my side like im glad your over him hunny)


Its really fustrating because i am over him and trying to get along with my new life but my mum and my thoughts bring him up often but i havnt done anything wrong have i?

I keep thinking i have! i gets me down and makes me really really quiet (which is different for me ) but still can any one leave any stories or advice for?


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