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Physical problems relating to breakups or bad relationships

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Well, the rash is back on the palms of my hands and it's driving me crazy. I itch all over. I used to sort of break out in hives on my arms when stressed, but now it's my hands. I remember one night when I was with this guy just literally watching bumps raise on my arms.


Anyway, does this happen to any of you? My hair started following out and I thought it was the medication, but now I'm starting to wonder if it's not just stress. Does your hair fall out when stressed?


The place where I work recently had a lice infestation, and I've tried to be very careful, but my head itches too, so I guess I am glad I itch everywhere, or I'd REALLY freak out.

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I get anxiety reactions too - and my hair once started shedding!! It wasn't good.


What I did was to realise that my body was in protest at the stress, and I read up loads about things to take/eat/do etc. But basically it was looking after yourself and not stressing so much. Easier said than done, but seeing my hair in the shower plug kind of was a great incentive!!

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Holy crap! Yes. This is exactly what happens to me when I am stressed. I break out in stress rashes and my hair starts falling out. My rashes usually start on my neck though.


Stress eats up a lot of B vits. Some of us show our stress in different parts of our bodies - for us it seems to be our skin that speaks first, for others it may be their stomach (aches, puking, loss of appetitie) or something else.


Why so stressed?

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