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No direction in life


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I feel I have no direction to where I'm going in life.

Heres a bit of background :

I finished high school with >90% score. I wanted to do medicine but couldnt get in so I decided to do the next best thing at the time, Biomedical Science which is just a science degree but more towards biology. After a couple yrs of that I (and others) realised that the course was exactly like a science degree with a major in the biology. The thing is for Biomed Sci we needed to get >90% and for Science we only needed in abotu 70%. I feel like I have wasted my degree. I should have done a double degree because i had the marks for it.

Anyway so I completed my degree and went on to do an honours degree (1 yr) bc it was easier to get a job. And now one yr after I am a Research Assistant for a medical institute.

I have wondered about furthering my career in the science field but I dont think I want to stay in Science forever. My friends from uni have all gone to do a PhD which is another 3 yrs. Because I dont want to stay in science I have not gone down that path. But the thing is many people keep telling me to do a PhD eg my supervisor at work says Im very capable, parents (only bc they want me to come out as a Dr), and my friends that are doing their PhD.

I dont know what I want to do.

I know that when I was younger these were the types of jobs I though of doing: doctor, lawyer, doing something in IT, runnning a business, graphic designer, architect. Not once did I think of becoming a scientist. So how did I end up here?

I know Im young (Im only 22) but I dont want yr after yr passing by and still being stuck in the same job with no direction.

Also people have asked me what I want in life (not career wise). Family? Kids? I dont know. I was with a guy for 4 yrs (broke up before I started work) and I never once though (or could imagine) getting married and having kids with him. I know I am not ready now but what happens if by the time I really want kids, its too late.

So after about 10 months of being single I have not felt like I am ready to go out into the dating world yet. My friends seem to always meet new people but I am not. Im feeling lonely and clueless.

I feel so lost.

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The decision is really yours and not that of your family or friends.


How do you enjoy your position as an SRA?


Gaining your PhD in a biomedically related science would potentially land you in the same spot, research and teaching.


Are you passionate about those areas?


Are you still interested in medicine?


You could do a post-baccaleurate program or take the MCAT again and retry.


Do not close a door to opportunities if something is truly your passion.


Hugs, Rose

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After my first yr at uni I decided I didnt want to go back to study medicine. I dont think I could cope.

I dont know how I got into the science field. Because I was good at it in school? I dont love it.

I want to own my own business, but what kind and how?

I also want to do graphic design but more as a hobby.

But if I do further my study in a different field, I feel that I have wasted the last 4 yrs at uni.

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hi, i really know how you feel - but it sounds like you've accomplished so much ! you sound like you can do anything you put your mind to - but you basically just want to know what that thing is that would make u happy. well, you wrote that it feels as though you've wasted some time - but i've always been told that education is never a waste - whatever you've studied will always hold value - dont underestimate it - knowledge is great !. and maybe it's unfolding this way for a reason? im still trying to figure out what i want to do myself - because in recent years i started to feel pretty much the same way - i started to wonder how i ended up doing what i am doing now...But, what i want to say is, maybe there are options that you've over-looked. maybe you're still looking too closely at what others tell you that you might like to do; or maybe you have un-consciously tied yourself down to certain ideas about what you ought to do, but not what you really want to do. i did the same thing too. i had tied myself down to certain ideas, but since then, i have now crossed most of those things off of my list. and it wasn't me giving up - it was just me realizing that i was changing, and the thought of doing those things wasn't so exciting to me anymore.


maybe you've forgotten a little about the things that actually make you happy. think about things that bring u joy, without judging and placing restrictions on yourself and write those things down. sometimes, we think of something, but then we tell ourselves that we're just being silly - but maybe we're not. maybe we need to follow that idea, you know what i mean? i dont really know if any of this is helping, but i think you'll definitely be okay. none of my friends seem to be sure about what they really want to do - we're just trying different things out for now, but at least, no one - including yourself is giving up !! best wishes.


p.s. again, you have not wasted your time. this happens to everyone ! there are many people who love what they do now, but if you ask them how they got there, you may be surprised ! most of those people had to try on a lot of different hats before finding the right one - i know everyone says it - but it is true !



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I would have to say, this does happen to everyone


Just curious, but what else have you done in those four years, other than studying? I tend to find a lot of people with the best grades haven't had a lot of experience in other things, which can often lead to how you're feeling. While I've studied over the years, I've kept up a part time job, played sport, and kept in close contact with all my friends. While these might have had a detrimental effect on my grades, I certainly don't regret doing them. They've helped me keep things in perspective, and have certainly helped me realise what I enjoy most, and where I really want to be heading in life.


But yeah, the best way to find out what you like and what you don't? Experiment. Add some variety. You don't always have to be your most productive self, especially as far as self discovery is concerned. Despite what everyone else says, do what you want to do with your life.


I'm sure your degree will not be wasted though. You've learnt a lot! Who knows, your self discovery might lead right back to where you started.

Besides, if all else fails, you have a fantastic degree and possible career to fall back on


Best of luck soulsista29

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