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My eyelids!!

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okay, so this is kinda weird.

i have these bumps on my eyelids. not the bottum eyelids, btw. i had heard people call them stye(s) or sty(s) but when i looked those words up on google images, i got pictures of these pimple looking things on the eyelash region of the bottum lids. thats definatly not whats on my eyelids.

see, i have these little bumbs, i mean really little, like .

ive heard that hot water, hot black tea bags, and gold or silver rings will help them go away.

i was wondering if anyone knew what i was talking about and if they had any ideas for remedies.


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Oh I think I know what you're talking about! They're pretty small and almost look like a tiny version of a pimple...I have one on my right eyelid but it's pretty hard to see unless I'm walking around with my eyes shut and no makeup to cover it up...


My aunt told me it's a fat deposit or something. Then again, my aunt is pretty uneducated lol.


I wish I could give you a soloution but the least I can do is recommend seeing a dermatologist and asking about it.


...I wonder if you could just grab a tweezer and pull it off...but then again, you're messing with your eye here!

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