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update to here we go again!


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well thursday she called me at night and said " what do you want from me" i said i want a girl who is consistant she started arguing i saod i dont want to fight i am hanging up.......


i texted her at lunch on friday that i was going to see my friend in the hospital she said" be caeful" i said "thanks......by the way i miss u" no response so i called her at 930 and left a message to call me back nothing and then this morning i got this.......


Please recognize whats going on here i prefer being alone and i want you to STOP making ANY attempts you will not hear from me in any way i feel like i am being swayed and my feelings about loving you and wanting you DONT last and i just dont want this im sorry you need to get into your life and stop hoping and trying its just not the kind of love we deserve i prefer to be left alone and you have to do that trust me i dont want to try BEING W YOU OR SEEING YOU OR COMMUNICATING W YOU in any other way bc i come out like the bad guy bc you like to play victim now you will look bad if you try to see me or communicate w me LET GO its time you face reality you are making me feel bad and very uncomfortable! look i will pray for you daily and i wish you the best i know you can get through this bc you have faith now



how does someone have such huge mood SWINGS or actions ina short period on monday and tuesday she was fine happy that we were talking agian missed me and told me she couldnt be with anyone else ever.....i gave her space all week....she held a girls bible study ON WED NIGHT (most girls are single) and the next day bam as like my previous post.......i cannot figure how she can be so GUSHY happy and then bam!!!!!! turn into this.....you would think she THOUGH i cheated on her which i never did or would but thats the way she seems to be acting....................... and shes the one that ha been intiating the contact i am so confused









she has bad pms and was getting her "friend" this weekend i know its not an exuse but this has been a pattern if you read my other posts I REALLY LOVE HER

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The problem is that she doesn't really love you.


So you need to do what she asks and leave her alone. Heal from this as soon as you can and find someone to love who loves you in return. I know it is hard but this is something you are going to have to do.

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I'm telling you, you are getting taken for a ride here. Trying to figure out "why" with this woman has gotten you lost in her indecisiveness and shot your perspective to hell. This intrigues you, challenges you, the ride makes you feel alive and you crave the "highs" from this ride I think.


I can see this very clearly from your posts, in both content and tone. I've been there before several times and don't think there is anything I can say I haven't already said that will have any positive effect here.


I hate to say this but I think you are too wrapped up in this. The only way to get out is to wear yourself down to nothing with this. I've been keeping up with your situation and I don't think words are going to do anything tangible for you at this point.

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You are getting addicted to the drama... stop before you are incapable of getting into a loving, stable, normal relationship.


Know that your marriage, if it ever happened, would be exactly the same. Except 10 times worse, because there would be children involved. You think this is bad? She sounds quite emotionally unstable... I predict post natal depression and not being able to cope with the kids. People without children have no idea how stress inducing they can be. She's already complaining about stress because she has to iron her clothes and make lunch for work!!


I must say, I'm curious... why do you love her so much? Doesn't all that drama and mood swinging put you off?


Anyway, just to repeat everybody else, the only way you can turn her around (assuming this is all just mood swings and you really do want a life of misery and woe and high highs and loooow lows) is to STOP contacting her, get a life, move on, get over it. Take valium if you have to. Just STOP!! She has to think she's lost you.


I don't mean to be horrible, I do feel really sad for you... and her. I really hope everything works out for the best, whatever happens. Good luck.

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her patterns show me that she will contact me again soon......i am scared for 2 reasons.....1. if she does i feel i will be weak 2. if she doesnt then i really know its over ..... i have a big heart and i would forgive but i wish i could just move on it has been up and down for 3 weeks and been killing me!!!!


i have so much to focus on at work and getting settled which ironically was one of her big fears i always told her if we had a good relationship i could concentrate more on settling my work no brainer right its almost liek she wants to break up and comeback when i am all setlled and ready to go...shes 3 4 i am 28 so she kinda looks down on me in a settled type of way


just venting its sunday night and i really miss her!!!!!

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