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Need advice

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How about something like '(Whatever's) on at the movies I was thinking about going to see it by any chance have you seen it yet?' If he has ask him what he thought about it. If he says he doesn't like that sort of movie then ask him what he likes.


If movies aren't your thing then say '(a pop group) is on at wherever will you be going to see it?' Again if he doesn't like them ask what he does like.


Or you could say, 'Did you see (such and such) on the tv last night?' There's all sorts of things you could ask to start a conversation off.


If you like sport mention sports to him, 'Did you see the football match last night between (whatever)? If he says he doesn't like football then ask him what he does like.


Don't make any little white lies up because sooner or later you get found out.


Good luck.

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uhm...i dont know what to say my thing with guys is i can talk to them and start conversations, but when it comes to askin them to hang out or to do sumthin after school i cant do it, because im always afraid they going to say no, but im getting better at it this year then last year. What i did last year when i wanted to start conversations was (ur probaly gunna laugh but i dont care lol) like have a dialouge thing and like practice it the night before it

Me: hey wats up

him: nuthin much

Me: oic

Me: so what did u do this weekend?

Him: (w/e he said)

Me: oh sweet and then i would have said sumthin what i did or i would have made up sumthin to make myself look "cool"


I just kept doin this until i got the hang of it.

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