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Ive expected too much, now its all too hard.

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I can't stand it anymore, and my feelings keep hurting me...


The problem is, im in love with a friend of mine, and we can be pretty good friends, sometimes, but othertimes, she can be really cold towards me. Because of this, somedays i will come home and become EXTREMELY depressed. because how i feel the rest of the day is based on how i feel emotionally when i get home, ill sometimes want to die. I know its not a good thing that i love her so much, but no matter how hard i try i cant get her out of my head. I really wish i hadent fallen so hard for her, because its just stupid the way things go sometimes. If i could just maybe accept that i will never be with her, and that she isnt worth it, maybe i wouldent feel as horrible as i do half the time. For some stupid reason, accepting that just seems liek too big a thig for me to do.

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if i could, i'd totally do it. The thing is, its nearly impossible to not see her. because we have so many of the same friends, and because i see her nearly every time i go to a differnt class, I'd have to stop most of my friendships for her, and risk being late to classes.On the counseling part, i really dont know how to go about getting it at this time, or how i would even ask my parents about it, since my other siblings have never had problems like this. but, thanks for the advice anyhow Lost, really appreciate it.

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