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Yes, I've been in a rebound relationship. I didn't realize it was one at first though.


I was heartbroken and freshly out of a relationship and basically ran into the arms of the first guy I saw. I thought I that I really did like him...


But I broke his heart.


I realized what it was and that I didn't have feelings for him. It did get me over my other relationship, but I felt extremely bad about putting this poor guy through this. I broke up with him and he really doesn't like me now since I pretty much trampled all over him.


Bad idea.

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Rebounds can be great but you have to remember there's another person besides yourself that will be involved in this rebound. Does he or she know that they're being used for a rebound? That's really the question you should be asking yourself. I know it's hard to stop thinking about the one you've lost but sometimes it's better just to feel the feelings and process the pain otherwise you're just numbing yourself with what could possibly be an addiction.


I know this has happened to me in the past and instead of bouncing around the next time I broke up with someone I took on a new sport: surfing. I'm not saying this would work for you but I got all my information on link removed and just started a new sport and met new guys that way.


So I start a new sport, which is healthy, and I met new guys that could be potential bfs. I think this was a more practical way of dealing with a break up.


Your thoughts are encouraged.

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Okay my turn. I met this girl who was ending a five year relationship. At first I was just interested in having sex with her so the other stuff didn't matter. She moved out of her ex's apartment and we started hanging out even more. Before she moved out she kept reassuring me that they were over and she couldn't wait to be done with him. I didn't really care. Like I said I was just in it for the sex.


Almost as soon as she moved out she started missing him. She was making excuses to stop by his house or call him. I started to feel more for her but could see that she was still into him even though she was trying to pretend that she wasn't.


She tried to go back to him almost immediately but he wouldn't take her back. I kept having sex with her and we good times but then she would go through little periods of depression. I knew that she would go back to him in a second if he would let her. The only reason she stayed with me was because he wouldn't take her back. This continued for a while and over time she really wanted her ex back. We ended up staying together for a couple of years but I assure you that the ex was always there even though he had applied NC.


Our relationship ended and she went on to have a few more failed relationships. I think all of these years later that she would still take that same ex back.

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Have you ever used a rebound to get over a relationship? yes

Has someone ever used you as a rebound? I dont think so, maybe


What happened in the end? it didn't last long


How often do rebounds fail? Why do they fail? you have a 50/50 shot here


Please share your own experiences and things that you have noticed about other couples.



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Back in senior year of high school, I left my girlfriend of 3 months for the head cheerleader. It ended up working out for 2 years.


In your case, I'd say generally rebounds don't work out because the state of mind of the rebounder is distorted, (thus the name rebound).


Some have worked in the past, but I would guess that most have not.

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I know that I used her. I know that she was using me. I think that you are missing the point here. All I am trying to do is show the dumpee what happens on the other side. I lived the other side and I heard all of the things that she said about her ex.


At first it was how different that they are, how they want different things, how if he cared he would have done this or that. This was mixed in with talk about how he really is a nice guy, how he deserves better, etc.


She talked about him all the time. Sometimes she was saying nice things and sometimes she wasn't. My point is that he was always on her mind. He didn't know that because all he saw was that she was with me. Little did he know that he was always in her head.


This is to let the dumpees know how there ex might be acting around their new boyfriend or girlfriend. Anyone else out there know of a similar situation?

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my current gf is my rebound girl I feel bad for her now cause in the beginning I was not too much into her simply cause I had feelings for my ex. and since I was the one who was dumped by my ex I really wanted to get back with her so just like many ppl broke NC several and lots of crap like that. now this story has some kind of happy ending as we are still together ( me and rebound) and it has been 5 months now and we love eachother very much and I can remember the night where I was finally over my ex and realized what a great girl my current gf is.

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I have used rebounds. They've worked sometimes! and I've been a rebound (didn't know it at the time though!) that didn't work out! the guy was going through a divorce from a 10 year marriage and used me as the young rebound chick! (he was 15 years older) he would not take down his wedding pix and always called me her name!

I think rebounds can be helpful sometimes though. They can help you get over your ex and you can end up lovng the new person.

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