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Broken Up 2 Months - Birthday Card or Not?

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Ok I have been broken up with my ex for two months.


She told em she loved me but wasnt ready for a relationship.


It was my birthday 4 weeks after we broke up, no greeting.


It is her birthday next week. Do I send her a card or not?


We have been in NC since the day afetr we split.



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if you want her back, dont send her a birthday card. if you really dont care of the outcome and you make a habbit of sending ALL of your friends birthday cards on their birthday and this behaviour is not out of the norm for YOU, then send her a card.


If she is going to be the only person on your family, friend, ex, 'BLACKbook' list getting a birthday card this year then DONT DO IT. It would appear weak.

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You should do what you want to do, not just act/react to her. If you feel like sending a birthday wish of some sort (e-card, etc), go ahead. Just do it without expectations of prompting anything from her.


I like this advice. If you are considering do so, because you think it will prompt some sort of reaction from her... don't do it. You will most likely be disappointed. However, if this is something that you normally do for your friends and can accept that she may never acknowledge the gesture... it's a nice thing to do.

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i agree with the advice above - first thing is to be honest about what you want.


if you want her back i would not acknowledge that its her birthday. it is quite ridiculous that the truth is it makes you look weak, and it validates her ignoring your bd.


if you dont want to reconcile then id send the card if you want to. it makes you look like a stand up guy. however, i would leave it simply as a happy birthday and wouldnt write a long message in it. dont give away how you feel, just send the card.

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